Marketplace for Rare Coins & Precious Metals

Pure is the first transparent marketplace for the $11B Rare Coins Sector & $55B Precious Metals sector. We make it easy to buy & sell authenticated rare coins and precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium. Pure does this by having the largest database of auction records, historical prices, and premium values, allowing us to provide accurate price estimates. Pure goes beyond just the data, as we analyze the condition and eye appeal of rare coins to provide valuable collector insights. Pure is founded by a new generation of collectors and has created a community of over 1,000 members that actively scan, analyze and list their items to transact on the platform. Feel free to contact us at founders@collectpure.com with any inquiries.

Jobs at Pure

San Francisco, CA, US
$135K - $200K
0.70% - 1.00%
1+ years
Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Trey Benedict

Ex Numismatist @ Heritage, Research @ Smithsonian. Sneakerhead, Minesweeper, and Nerd.

Trey Benedict
Trey Benedict

David Gordillo

Building And Breaking Things @ Pure

David Gordillo
David Gordillo

Company Launches

Hey everyone! Trey Benedict & David Gordillo here from Pure to talk about our recent Precious Metals marketplace launch (2nd Launch of the Batch!). Our coin-scanning app launch gathered over 1K+ downloads and over 700 active users in a month, we thank you for your support 🙂


We built an order-book-style marketplace to buy precious metals products such as gold/silver coins & bars. https://collectpure.com/

❌ Problem

Buying & selling physical precious metals is very difficult. Most people wouldn’t even know where to start.

A quick Google search will lead you to retailers that charge a “premium” of 10-30% over the current spot price, practically burying the consumer in fees.

Industry incumbents are highly predatory, taking advantage of consumers, especially older people who are interested in tangible assets.

A similar front comes with selling precious metals; imagine “Cash for Gold” places that are offering -30% back of spot, taking advantage of unknowing sellers. There are barely any options to be able to sell precious metals online, we are changing that with a safe, simple process.

Physical precious metals is a massive market ($55B+) and exploding due to the rising inflation within the last 3-5 years, but the bad actors need to go.

✨ Solution

We built a platform for buyers & sellers to efficiently trade precious metals products that are assayed by the world governments and leading refineries and assayers.

Effectively, we have lowered the premiums on precious metals to 3-5% by creating an order-book-style marketplace, down from 10-30% previously.

The key is to provide transparency of manufacturing premiums, spot prices, and historical trends in price to be able to provide the most efficient solution for purchasing physical precious metals. These will update after one week of the site launch to start giving predictions similar to Kayak’s flight advice.

In order to carry out a streamlined marketplace, we needed a heavy-duty logistics solution, that’s why we partnered with the largest wholesaler of precious metals in the US, as well as the US Mint to secure a depository vault in the Las Vegas airport. All items are double-insured, with armed security 24/7. (Yes, we have a mini Fort Knox).

🔦 Asks:

If you are interested in purchasing Gold or Silver for orders over $2K please shoot me an email to trey@collectpure.com. More than happy to chat!

If you know a gold bug, please send them our way! We would love to onboard them to our platform.

If you’d like to test the platform with a small purchase, this is the best entry to gold: https://www.collectpure.com/product/1-gram-argor-heraeus-gold-bar000199


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