Reclaim Protocol, Questbook

Reclaim Protocol, Questbook

SDK to learn about your users' identity, credentials and reputation

Customers integrate Reclaim Protocol to get information about their users - like their identity, credentials and reputation from various websites across the internet. When integrated, the users can tap a button to connect their data from any website - even ones that don't have an API. For example, users can connect data from Uber like the number number of rides they've taken even though Uber doesn't have an API. We support connecting over 200 websites including Uber, Tinder, Streak, IRS, Aadhaar, Amazon. If the website you want to connect doesn't exist, we have a simple tool to add support. Reach out to us if you'd want to integrate :)

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Reclaim Protocol, Questbook
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Madhavan, Co-Founder of QuestBook. We are helping democratize access to learning opportunities. QuestBook is here to increase economic mobility of humanity. More people, earning more money, earlier in their lives. YC Badge: 0xa2dDFc8a6C1F8868B80F2747D04532a6cDE9804d

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