Interactive Product Demos

Rivia.ai empowers marketing, sales, and demand generation teams to effortlessly generate and distribute interactive product demos within 10 minutes. Potential customers of SaaS brands can now personally engage with these self-guided product stories without direct sales interactions. With our user-friendly platform and intuitive dashboards, teams can effortlessly capture, customize, enhance, and share their demos without sound technical expertise. These interactive demos can seamlessly integrate into applications, websites, email campaigns, or ad campaigns.

Jobs at Rivia.AI

Bengaluru, KA, IN
₹2M - ₹4M INR
1+ years
Team Size:5
Location:Bengaluru, India

Active Founders

Samay Jain

Co-Founder and CEO at Rivia.AI

Samay Jain
Samay Jain

Company Launches

Rivia.AI helps sales and marketing teams to create interactive video demos for their product with zero engineering effort.

Check out the sample demo


  • For a lot of products, it’s super difficult for the prospects to understand how the product solves their problem
  • Product videos are the most commonly used solution but they don’t help prospects really experience the product.
  • Click-through demos aren’t engaging because prospects have to go through a lot of text and drop off quickly (or worse, click next without reading).


  • We have combined the best of both worlds. Using Rivia.AI, you can add a Loom-like personal explanation of your product while maintaining its interactivity.
  • Just clone your product using our chrome extension.
  • Record loom-like videos on top of your clone using the Rivia.AI editor.
  • Share instantly using a link or embed the demo on your website.


If this is helpful for you, we would love to have you onboard our beta program. To join the beta:

  • Schedule a quick 30 min call here.
  • Or fill up this form and we will get back with the access details.
  • Or feel free to drop an email at samay@rivia.ai