The secondary market for real estate leases

Ryse is the only marketplace where investors who want to buy leases can trade with real estate operators who want to sell leases.

Team Size:13
Location:New York
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell went to Florida A&M University where he received a bachelor's in Business Administration and minor in math and computer programming. He started his career in 2009 at JP Morgan's Chief Investment Office, where he was part of a 5-person team that managed a $30B structured mortgage backed security portfolio. Sean began working for Corbin Capital Partners in 2012, where he managed a $300M in a structured credit portfolio. Sean co-founded REZI (YC W17), a tech-enabled property manager.

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell

Harsh Yadav

Harsh earned his MS, Computer Engineering from Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey in 2010. He also has a Bachelor of Technology degree from the National Institute of Technology in Allahabad, India. Harsh began his career at Consumer Reports in 2010; helping transitioning Consumer Reports print media to web first world. In 2013, Harsh joined Torrential Inc., a digital media company as their VP, Engineering. Harsh co-founded REZI (YC W17), a tech-enabled property manager.

Harsh Yadav
Harsh Yadav

Company Launches

Hello everyone! We’re Harsh, Sean, Tom and Seva. We’re building Ryse: the secondary market for real estate leases.

See it here: Ryse | Innovative Growth Capital For Modern Real Estate Operators (rysemarket.com)

Ryse is the only marketplace where investors who want to buy leases can trade with real estate operators who want to sell leases.

The Problem
Financial institutions like banks, asset managers and insurance companies want to invest directly into the $1.5T in real estate leases originated in the US each year, but they can’t.  Why?

  • There's no marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet
  • There's no access to or standardization of the data required to underwrite opportunities
  • There's no existing infrastructure to support trading, reporting, or payment processing

The Solution
Ryse is the first marketplace where lease buyers and sellers can transact seamlessly. We're building a marketplace where:

  • Buyers have access to underwriting data sourced directly from custom API integrations with Sellers
  • We standardize that data into a format that makes it easy to understand and compare to other investments (loans, bonds, t-bills, etc.)
  • We automate trade execution, reporting, and payment processing
  • We enable real estate experience providers to innovate and scale without balance sheet risk.

See Who Our Customers Are:

User Experience
See how our customers interact with Ryse:

  • Buyers:

  • Sellers:

Since launching 10 weeks ago, we've signed a $100M term sheet with our first buyer, a $3B+ AUM asset manager. We are also engaged in late-stage negotiations on our first $50M seller term sheet, which is expected to close in Q2 2024.

An Experienced Team
Our founding team worked together at REZI (YC W17), a prop-tech company whose software aimed to make renting an apartment as simple as ordering on Doordash. When building REZI, we learned that financial institutions had an enormous appetite to buy leases as an asset class.

Our Ask
If you’re a real estate operator or financial institution interested in using Ryse, please email us at hello@rysemarket.com