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No-code digital operating platform for life science

Scispot is a no-code workflow automation platform designed for fast-growing life science companies. Scispot creates a connected digital replica of an entire life science company -- it centralizes company-wide data, templatizes routine research, and automates non-scientific tasks. The primary issue facing any growing life science company is disconnected data. Connecting this disparate data requires a lot of custom engineering resources and developing code. But with Scispot, these companies can easily connect research, operations, and inventory data without writing a single line of code. Within 5 months of the official launch, Scispot has become a digital partner of a wide range of life science companies that focus on lab-grown meat, biomanufacturing, biotherapeutics R&D, mass spectrometry research, preclinical contract research, and microbiome research.

Nash Seshan

I am a silicon valley veteran having worked in the past at some of the prominent biggies such as Cisco, eBay, Netflix, Dropbox and Lyft. At these companies, I've led infrastructure, automation and machine learning teams pushing boundaries. My passion for automation and using machine learning to make our future smarter made me co-found At, we're bringing smart tech to the life science industry to allow companies to bring life saving products and cures to market faster.

Nash Seshan
Nash Seshan Inc.

Guru Singh

I am a biotech researcher by training and have served as a commercial leader at life science SaaS startups in three continents. I am passionate about empowering bio-entrepreneurs to create and scale life science companies and solve the world's biggest problems. From preventing pandemics and eliminating fatal diseases to feeding the world and developing sustainable energy sources, can make the world a better place.

Guru Singh
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Satya Singh

Co-founder and Chief Product & Operating officer of I am an engineer turned Product Manger. My experience in tech taught me the importance of product mindset - starting from the customer and working backwards. Before starting, I worked for and Expedia building platforms. My experience in product UX, growth marketing, and platform products brought me to the life science industry that will change human lives for the better.

Satya Singh
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