Netflix for comics.

Shortbread is Netflix for bite-sized mobile comics, powered by an AI Comics Studio. With Shortbread Studio, Anyone can bring a story idea to a high quality comic series in minutes. On the Shortbread App, creators publish and sell their comic series. We specialize in guilty-pleasure romance stories serving a mature audience. Indulge in visually stunning 50 Shades of Grey comics at your fingertips.

Jobs at Shortbread

San Francisco, CA, US
$120K - $150K
0.50% - 1.00%
Any (new grads ok)
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Fengjiao Peng

founder of shortbread

Fengjiao Peng
Fengjiao Peng

Company Launches

Introducing the Shortbread App—a Netflix for bite-sized mobile comics featuring premium, guilty-pleasure romance series serving adult readers from bestselling authors on Kindle, Wattpad, and Chapters.

Download Shortbread App with the code YC2024 and get 100 free coins to indulge in some premium guilty pleasure on us :)

Our comics are powered by the Shortbread AI Comics Studio. Creators using our studio can craft consistent and stunning characters, control their actions and emotions, and create high-quality comic series 10x faster than traditional drawing methods.



Hi, we’re Fengjiao and Evan, building Shortbread to transform the $130B webcomics industry.
Fengjiao is an AI engineer who has worked at Vimeo, Adobe, and MIT Media Lab. A former comics creator, she pitched her own projects to webcomics platforms and saw the lack of advanced tech in the space.
Evan is an AI researcher at the Berkeley AI Research Lab and was SWE at Amazon. He founded Generative AI @ Berkeley and grew it to 70 members + partnerships with Microsoft and YC startups in 7 months. He also built talk2arXiv, an open-source RAG system that reached 1st place on Hacker News, 500 stars on GitHub, and is still used by thousands today.

Why Shortbread

🩷 We’re building something women want. We marry the most advanced tech to a centuries-old genre: ROMANCE. A women-led founding team, we deeply understand our audience’s desires and meticulously optimize every algorithm, every storyline, every panel, and every pixel to visualize what today’s women seek.

📖 Story is king. Our debut Shortbread Original series are brought to you by bestselling authors from Kindle, Wattpad, and Chapters—collectively with 64+ million views—and webcomic artists with 2+ billion views. Each story undergoes a rigorous revision process with the best minds in the industry to ensure unparalleled quality.

🎨 We build AI for our creators. In our San Francisco office, we witness every day how our technology frees our artists from the tedious, mechanical side of art and allows their storytelling and vision to soar. We are committed to supporting the free expression of human minds for the decades to come.

Our Ask

Download the Shortbread App on iOS (Android next week ;) with the code YC2024 and get 100 free coins to indulge in some premium guilty pleasure on us :).

Invite friends with your personal code in the app for more free bonus coins!

Other Company Launches

KURUKURU (now Shortbread.ai): 3D engine in the browser for comics creation

One destination for anyone to create, publish and monetize comics stories.
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