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Helping companies build AI copilots in minutes

AI copilots transform the user experience of enterprise SaaS products by enabling customers to specify their intent using a chat interface. This enables companies to simplify their complex UI workflows (and enable new workflows) by having a copilot directly access the products APIs and multi-modal data, bypassing the limitations of the current product UI. Spine AI helps companies build and maintain, reliable and effective AI copilots for their products.

Spine AI
Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Akshay Budhkar

Founder and CEO at Spine AI. Previously @ Georgian Partners (Helped 40+ B2B SaaS, led Gen AI & 5 Applied research initiatives, released a few open-source toolkits to help companies at scale), Scribd (YC S06) and FarmLogs (YC W12). Did Gen AI in my Masters @ UofT before it was cool :)

Akshay Budhkar
Akshay Budhkar
Spine AI

Ashwin Venkatesh Raman

Founder and CTO at Spine AI. Previously at Instacart, AWS, Alexa, Nvidia and UWaterloo.

Ashwin Venkatesh Raman
Ashwin Venkatesh Raman
Spine AI

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Spine AI simplifies the process of integrating AI copilots into your products. Now, complex tasks within products like JIRA, such as custom reporting or bulk updates, can be effortlessly managed. Simply have your users instruct our AI copilot and watch as it seamlessly executes your commands. Interested in the power of AI copilots for your products? We're just a message away!

Hello everyone, we are Akshay and Ashwin – the co-founders of Spine AI 👋. We've been friends for over a decade, with our shared journey beginning at the University of Waterloo. Our interest in machine learning took root in an unlikely place – a building called Spine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore during an exchange term.

In the past five years, we've collaborated with more than 45 enterprises, guiding them toward the next levels of AI maturity. This year, we've successfully integrated LLM-related technologies into over six companies, leading to a clear projected ROI. This journey has brought some key insights to light:

  • The gap between creating a text generation prototype with tools like OpenAI and deploying a value-adding product is significant.
  • Customer expectations are evolving, with hybrid UI paradigms (command + intent) becoming increasingly prevalent.
  • To maximize their benefits, AI copilots must perform actions on users' behalf, saving time and creating new workflow possibilities. This is the core functionality of our Spine-powered copilots.

💪 The Power of AI Copilots

  • AI copilots streamline complex UI workflows, morphing them into an intuitive, natural language-based interface.
  • Adding an AI copilot to B2B products is becoming table-stakes (as seen with Shopify, Microsoft, Notion, etc.) for companies that have the capacity to build them. At Spine AI, we're on a mission to democratize this.
  • When added to enterprise SaaS products, AI copilots have helped companies increase ARR by $1M. 💰
  • AI copilots enhance your product by adding an intelligence layer that directly connects users to backend APIs, documents, and databases, making previously challenging workflows easily implementable.

💢 The Problem

  • Developing reliable AI copilots, which offer a wide range of functionalities, demands a significant investment of time and resources, requiring extensive AI and engineering expertise throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Embedding diverse actions into the copilots, such as API calls, documentation updates, multi-modality, and authentication handling, can extend the development timeline beyond six months.
  • The addition of complex features, like custom reporting and integrations, can further prolong the development cycle, putting additional strain on already-packed roadmaps.

🎯 The Solution

  • Enter Spine AI – the easiest way to build reliable AI copilots for your products. Our platform converts API docs, DB schemas, and multi-modal documents into fully operational AI copilots that integrate effortlessly with just a few lines of code.
  • During the setup process, each copilot is equipped with a custom orchestrator, trained to effectively transform user intents into concrete actions.
  • Maintain complete control over the product interface with the ability to customize the permitted actions, enabled workflows, and the copilot's response style to users.
  • Once integrated, the AI copilot becomes a superuser of your product – an indispensable assistant always at your users' disposal, enabling them to harness your product's full potential.

🤝 Ask: How you can help

  • If you're a B2B company exploring ways to integrate AI copilots into your products effectively, we'd love to hear from you!
  • If you're unsure how Spine can streamline your complex workflows, drop us a note at founders@getspine.ai

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