Trident Bioscience

Trident Bioscience

Accelerating protein engineering.

Trident Bioscience builds tools to expedite the discovery and optimization of useful proteins. Our technology first applies predictive models of protein structure and function to generate sets of potentially active protein sequences. We then apply our state-of-the-art sequence optimization algorithm to design gene libraries capable of testing these candidates extremely quickly and affordably. By combining these technologies, we're closing the design-build-test loop of protein optimization and cutting the total cycle time to help bring synthetic proteins to market faster than ever before.

Trident Bioscience
Team Size:1
Location:Mountain View
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Former Founders

Tyler Shimko

I graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Utah in 2015 and went on to get my PhD in Genetics at Stanford in 2020. I have extensive research experience in the wet lab working with C. elegans from my undergraduate research. I transitioned fully over to computational biology during my PhD, where I focused on the measurement and modeling of macromolecular interactions. In my free time I enjoy playing flag football and softball.