Add fully custom native connectors to your SaaS in hours

From operational automations to embeddable custom connectors. Save 10x of cost and time by building custom connectors and workflow automations in hours.

Team Size:16
Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Sean Brown

Previously Founder and CEO at Mercarto (eCommerce/marketplace platform - acquired) and Hatch (Influencer Platform Acquired by Social Chain AG), Sean is fanatical about building technology to provide critical business infrastructure. His strengths lie in Product and Business Development, by merging the two results in great product that delivers best in class products that provide high value solutions to clients.

Sean Brown
Sean Brown

Dan Jones

Dan is a CTO/Founder who loves getting stuck into code and is an advocate for all things cloud-native. With experiences in both public and private sectors, spanning industries such as Finance, Telecoms, Healthcare and Commerce, Dan has grounded himself as a versatile software engineer capable of solving complex problems in simple ways.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

Company Launches

Sparkboard is a prompt-based data integration and workflow automation tool. Just tell Sparkboard what you want to connect and automate and it will use generative AI agents to create a task list and get to work with those tasks.

Sparkboard will:
- Create a task list for agents to fulfill
- Scrape the internet for the appropriate documentation
- Build an OpenAPI spec with the correct auth methods and operations
- Use Versori transformation tools to transform and map data
- Offer full editing of the workflow with additional tools
- Review your finished integration and publish!

Super Cool Marketing Video (please watch)

Try it for free: https://sparkboard.versori.io/

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Versori - System & data integration platform

We help enterprises connect any internal system to any external system without hiring expensive consultants.
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