A new way to create landing pages that is video-native.

A brand new way to create landing pages that's video-native. Traditional ways of building landing pages are too costly (money & time) and brands want to experiment more. Our landing pages rely on video content to do the heavy lifting from a dev & design perspective. Our landing pages convert well (+15-30% across channels such as paid ads, email, and sms) and take <20min to create. This means brands can test over 10x what the currently do with Viddy.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Harris Gani

Harris is a co-founder of Viddy. He has a product and engineering background having worked at a variety of companies such as Frame.io, Pangaea Holdings, Zynga, and Sotheby's. In his free time you can likely find him playing tennis, exploring art exhibits, or shooting on his film camera.

Harris Gani
Harris Gani

Nihar Patil

Nihar is a co-founder of Viddy. He has a product and engineering background having worked at a variety of companies such as Uber and Pangaea Holdings. In his free time you'll find him producing music or playing his guitar.

Nihar Patil
Nihar Patil

Company Launches

Hi everyone, we’re Harris and Nihar — we’re reinventing online shopping experiences to make content the focal point so that they perform more efficiently for marketers on social platforms like Meta (Facebook & Instagram), TikTok, and Snapchat!


Our Video Storefronts are a new shopping experience designed specifically for paid social ads. We enable e-commerce brands to create a cohesive shopping journey from video-first social platforms to their storefronts. Using them, our customers have been able to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by 30% and decrease CAC by 20%. As a part of this launch we’re offering 1 Month Free as outlined below in the ‘Asks’ section.

❌ The Problem: E-commerce brands are losing marketing efficiency on paid social ads due to iOS 14

Due to iOS 14’s privacy tracking updates, e-commerce brands are facing rising customer acquisition costs (CAC) and declining ROAS on social platforms like Meta, TikTok, and SnapChat. Brands are lacking efficient and modern shopping experiences to combat this.

Online shopping hasn’t changed in 10+ years, but where shoppers are discovering brands has changed dramatically. Now, shoppers are discovering brands on social media platforms where video is the main medium. This preferred medium of video is completely lost when a shopper arrives on a Shopify website from social media - a pretty large disconnect.

Building shoppable video experiences that feel as snappy as an app in the browser isn’t something Shopify and other site builders support. This limits brands to testing simple things like copy changes and different hero images on their websites…things that don’t really move the needle from a core metrics perspective (CAC, ROAS, conversion rate, etc.)

🎉 The Solution: Shopping experiences native to social media

Our Video Storefronts enable a new shopping experience that is native to the video-first medium of social media. Brands have success using our Video Storefronts as the landing pages for their paid social ads.

Brands can create as many Video Storefront links as they’d like so they can create a storefront per product, per video, per ad campaign, per you name it! This lets brands curate each experience for the shopper and ultimately create a more cohesive end-to-end shopping experience.

⚙️ How it works

Using our Video Storefronts is very straightforward. Since we don’t touch a brand’s actual website and host everything ourselves on your subdomain, we actually require zero engineering resources to get live!

All we need from a brand to create a Video Storefront link is (1) a video and (2) a products list to feature in the storefront. It usually takes brands <1 day to get their first Video Storefront live. Once a brand has their storefront link, they can drop it in their social ads manager platforms to be the landing page for existing ad campaigns. This lets brands monitor results using tools they are already familiar with.

📈 What results can you expect?

We work with 7-figure and 8-figure revenue brands and have increased their ROAS by 30% and decreased their CAC by 20% by using our Video Storefronts. We are constantly A/B testing improvements on our shopping experience (the UX, layouts, interactions, etc.) and rollout the winning tests we conduct on your behalf so things are always improving 🙂.

🙏 Asks

For a limited time, we’re currently offering 1 Month Free of our Video Storefronts product for e-commerce brands doing at least $1M in annual revenue that sign up from this link.

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