GrowSumo (YC S15) Helps Companies Create And Manage Partner Programs

by Alexis Ohanian8/3/2015

Sales partner programs can be hugely beneficial to a company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, they can be time- and labor-intensive for companies to establish and maintain — often prohibitively so for smaller businesses.

GrowSumo is a startup in our current class that makes it easier for companies of all sizes to create their own sales partner programs.

TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha recently interviewed co-founder Bryn Jones, who started GrowSumo after seeing how difficult it was to establish sales partnerships at his previous company:

“‘In order to scale our business, we needed to manage this complicated
partner program… and there was nothing on the market that supported
that,’ Jones said. ‘There were tons of referral marketing tools, like
influencer tools, but there wasn’t anything that somebody could build
their business around.’

…With GrowSumo, a company can create a page where new partners apply
to work with them, then train and reward those partners while tracking
their progress from a single dashboard. On the flip side, potential
resellers can browse different companies on the GrowSumo platform and
find products that their clients might be interested in.

GrowSumo is focused on businesses that are selling products to other
businesses (rather than consumers). It’s already working with about 40
companies, including Swiftype, Layer, FreshBooks and Expensify. Jones
said that on average, each company works with about 3,000 resale
partners — those partners include independent consultants, web
developers, human resources representatives and the most popular
category, accountants.”

Read more about GrowSumo in TechCrunch here.


  • Alexis Ohanian