Instawork (YC S15) Is The LinkedIn For Recruiting And Hiring At Small Businesses

by Alexis Ohanian8/17/2015

Sites such as LinkedIn have captured a big part of the hiring and recruiting market for
higher-end white collar jobs. But these platforms have largely missed the majority of Americans who work hourly or
part-time positions. Often, small businesses find new candidates through word of mouth, or by hanging a help wanted sign in the window.

Instawork is a company launching out of our current class with an online platform that connects small businesses with qualified job candidates within 24 hours.

Business Insider’s Celena Chong wrote about Instawork in a story published today:

“Why can [Instawork co-founders Sumir] Meghani and [Saureen] Shah tout such a rapid turnaround?
Ultra-responsive tech is their answer. Everything is automated: matching
up schedules, automatically verifying references, and parsing only the
most important parts of a resume to send out to recruiters. 

If a family coffee shop owner wished to have more baristas on deck,
all they would have to do is go online, fill in the bare basics of the
job in a few lines and click ‘find me candidates.’ The process takes
around one minute.”

Read the full story on Business Insider here.


  • Alexis Ohanian