Lessons From Doing YC Twice - Harj Taggar

by Y Combinator2/7/2017

Harj Taggar is the CEO and cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15), a marketplace for connecting software engineers with companies that are hiring.

Before Triplebyte Harj was a Partner at YC and cofounded Auctomatic (YC W07).

00:15 – Harj’s intro.

1:07 – What is Triplebyte?

2:07 – Where did the idea for Triplebyte come from?

3:40 – What type of engineer are companies looking for?

6:05 – Should people go to bootcamps?

8:20 – Why did Harj do YC twice?

9:58 – What was fundraising like the second time around?

11:14 – What was it like doing office hours for the second time?

12:58 – How should you take advantage of your time during YC?

14:08 – What learnings did Harj take from being a partner to being in the batch?

17:50 – Did Harj advise startups in the batch with him?

18:20 – What were Triplebyte’s stats at the end of the batch

19:15 – What are good ways to find engineers?

21:05 – Any tips for vetting someone remotely?

21:55 – Was Harj worried that doing YC a second time would be seen as a sign of weakness to a VC?

22:55 – Did Harj’s background help or hurt him in fundraising?

24:05 – How can people that have previously been successful check themselves when selecting new projects?

25:48 – How to choose a startup idea?

28:00 – How to find cofounders?

30:15 – Harj’s thoughts on his sabbatical after being a YC Partner.


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