Startup School is going global

by Y Combinator5/5/2014

In the past few years, we’ve seen more founders from around the world coming to Silicon Valley to start startups. In YC’s W14 batch alone, we had founders from 22 different countries, and every year we see an increasing number of international applicants.

We want to help founders from all over learn about startups, so we’re taking Startup School on the road (though we’re still only running YC in Mountain View). We’ll be hosting Startup School New York on June 18, and Startup School Europe in London on July 26.

Startup School is a free, one-day event where you’ll hear stories and practical advice from founders and investors. They’ll tell you how they got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.

We’re starting with New York and London, but in the coming years we hope to head to Asia, South America and Africa. We’re hosting our annual Startup School in Mountain View this October as well, but we’ll announce those details as we get closer to the date.

If you’d like to attend Startup School New York or Startup School Europe visit to apply

The deadline for Startup School New York applications is May 20, and the deadline for Startup School Europe applications is June 20. We hope to see you there.


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