More Ways to Support Ukraine

by Geoff Ralston3/8/2022

We have watched with the rest of the world in horror as the free and democratic country of Ukraine was invaded by Russia. YC has funded many founders from Ukraine and we want to send our support to all of them and, indeed, to all the people there fighting for their country and their freedom.

There are several YC companies that are actively participating in various efforts to bring aid to Ukraine and could use your help spreading the word:

  • Airbnb and Flexport are running a joint fundraiser to provide relief goods and shelter for refugees from the crisis in Ukraine. Donate here.
  • Agency - Provides resources to help journalists covering the events in Ukraine who are concerned for their safety (online or in person). Get in touch for assistance.
  • Charityvest - Facilitates zero-fee donations of stocks, ETFs, and 160+ cryptocurrencies to 501(c)(3) charities, including those supporting Ukraine.
  • OpenPhone - The company is matching up to $20k of donations made to humanitarian organizations helping Ukrainians with food, medical supplies, etc. Anyone who has made a donation can upload their receipt here. More information here.
  • - The company is running a fundraiser to collect $35K for communications equipment for an entire military unit, one member of whom is a employee.

We reached out to YC staff and alumni who are coming together to support the Ukrainians who are fighting on the ground or looking for safety, and they identified the following organizations that need ongoing support:

We wish the best for all Ukrainians and hope that efforts like these make a difference and perhaps even save lives. We encourage everyone who can help to do what they are able.


  • Geoff Ralston

    Geoff Ralston is the former President of Y Combinator and has been with YC since 2011. Prior to YC, he built one of the first web mail services, RocketMail which became Yahoo Mail in 1997.