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2021 — YC Year in Review

by Geoff Ralston1/19/2022

In 2021, many YC founders led their companies to achieve outstanding results, and we are honored to be part of these companies’ history.

YC’s $500,000 Standard Deal

by Geoff Ralston1/11/2022

We have a new standard deal at Y Combinator. When a company is accepted into the YC batch program, we now invest a total of $500,000. We still invest $125,000 for 7% and now also invest an additional $375,000 on an uncapped safe with an MFN.

Weave (YC W14) is Going Public

by Geoff Ralston11/11/2021

Today, Weave, which was part of YC’s W14 batch, is going public. Brandon, Jared, and Clint worked incredibly hard, stayed the course and, as a result, Weave has become an extraordinary success.

Embark Trucks’ (W16) Road to IPO

by Geoff Ralston11/11/2021

Today, Embark Trucks, once a startup in YC’s W16 batch, is going public. Congrats to Alex, Brandon and the entire Embark team.

Amplitude (W12) is going public

by Geoff Ralston9/28/2021

Today, Amplitude , which waspart of YC’s W12 batch, is going public. Their story of grit, determination, andcreativity, is an epic one.Spenser and Curtis first applied to YC in 2011, but their idea, a new version ofMechanical Turk, did not impress YC’s reviewers at the time, and although theywere clearly brilliant hackers, that first application was rejected.

YC is CRISPR for Startups

by Geoff Ralston6/25/2021

Last week, we launched our Summer 2021 batch here at Y Combinator, the 33rdbatch since our founding in 2005. We are now funding hundreds of companies eachbatch, and I’ve been reflecting on how we work with those companies during thebatch and afterward, as they build their business.Over the years, I’ve found that there is a common misapprehension about what wedo at Y Combinator.

Scaling YC

by Geoff Ralston3/23/2021

One of the most common questions I hear is: “why has YC continued to grow ourbatch size?”.For each twice-yearly batch, we receive thousands of applicants through our online application . We have always wanted tofund as many great founders as possible and are convinced that in the incomingtorrent of applications there are hundreds of startups with epic potential, ifwe could only work with them and make them part of the YC community.