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Congrats to Rigetti Computing (YC S14) on going public!

by Geoff Ralston3/9/2022

Congratulations to Chad and to all of the folks at Rigetti who have worked so hard to get to this point. There’s a ton of quantum distance still to go, but no company and no team is better positioned to make that journey.

More Ways to Support Ukraine

by Geoff Ralston3/8/2022

Join us and our alum in bringing aid to Ukraine and help spread the word.

2021 — YC Year in Review

by Geoff Ralston1/19/2022

In 2021, many YC founders led their companies to achieve outstanding results, and we are honored to be part of these companies’ history.

YC’s $500,000 Standard Deal

by Geoff Ralston1/11/2022

We have a new standard deal at Y Combinator. When a company is accepted into the YC batch program, we now invest a total of $500,000. We still invest $125,000 for 7% and now also invest an additional $375,000 on an uncapped safe with an MFN.

Weave (YC W14) is Going Public

by Geoff Ralston11/11/2021

Today, Weave, which was part of YC’s W14 batch, is going public. Brandon, Jared, and Clint worked incredibly hard, stayed the course and, as a result, Weave has become an extraordinary success.

Embark Trucks’ (W16) Road to IPO

by Geoff Ralston11/11/2021

Today, Embark Trucks, once a startup in YC’s W16 batch, is going public. Congrats to Alex, Brandon and the entire Embark team.

Amplitude (W12) is going public

by Geoff Ralston9/28/2021

Today, Amplitude , which waspart of YC’s W12 batch, is going public. Their story of grit, determination, andcreativity, is an epic one.Spenser and Curtis first applied to YC in 2011, but their idea, a new version ofMechanical Turk, did not impress YC’s reviewers at the time, and although theywere clearly brilliant hackers, that first application was rejected.