Carousel Technologies

Carousel Technologies

Professional AI toolkit for PowerPoint

We help investment bankers & consultants prepare materials faster & with fewer errors. Carousel is a PowerPoint plugin carrying a suite of tools designed to help junior professionals save time while putting together decks. Our first tool brought a supercharged version of Word's "Track Changes" to PowerPoint so deal teams could quickly review each other's work, speeding up the feedback loop of giving and turning comments by 10x. Our second tool uses computer vision to populate charts and tables in PowerPoint based on Excel data, as well as extract table data from PDFs into Excel with two clicks. We've got many more features on the way that build out a complete toolbelt, including an AI copilot for PowerPoint that can handle complex, multi-step tasks, outperforming Microsoft's native copilot.

Carousel Technologies
Team Size:3
Location:New York
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Daniel Wolf

Working on making Microsoft PowerPoint less painful. If you have a friend in banking or consulting, message/email me!

Jude Rizzo

Founder @ Carousel, former math/physics student

Company Launches

Hi! We’re Jude & Daniel, and we’re the co-creators of Carousel, a change-tracking tool for PowerPoint & Excel.

Investment bankers & consultants don’t use PowerPoint like you do:

For most investment banking or consulting projects, the final deliverable is a PowerPoint deck.

To make sure the final draft of that deck is perfect, it goes through multiple rounds of review, feedback, & edits.

This means that many bankers and consultants spend hours squinting at different decks to see if the footnote on pg. 57 was updated correctly or if all the companies in a table on pg. 34 have uniform EBITDA adjustments.

Small details matter a lot, so teams often have to check over hundred-page decks from scratch. This review process is tedious & prone to mistakes.

Track deck & model changes with one click:

Carousel is a PowerPoint & Excel add-in that captures all the changes made to your team’s materials from shell to client PDF.

Carousel tells you exactly WHO changed WHAT and WHEN. With one click, the add-in highlights everything that changed between any two versions of the model or deck (in your current window, without having to open another file).

It’s like Word’s track changes on steroids.

Before this, Daniel worked at Bank of America & Elliott Management, where he spent many hours pushing the boundaries of what was possible in PowerPoint & Excel.

Jude was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Cornell with a focus on ML.

We realized that PowerPoint & Excel could be a much more pleasant experience for power users with the right tools.

If you or someone you know spends more than 15 hours per week in PowerPoint or Excel, let’s chat.