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SaaS Research and Procurement Platform

CloudEagle helps IT & procurement teams save on software spend and help streamline the renewal and buying process. Our customers save 10-30% on their existing spend and hundreds of hours renewing and buying new apps. - Your single system of record for all things “SaaS Vendors” --> Contract renewal reminders & cost optimization alerts --> Cross-team workflows for renewing and buying apps --> Personalized vendor recommendations, better than G2 and Gartner

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Team Size:10
Location:Palo Alto

Active Founders

Nidhi Jain

Nidhi Jain is the co-founder & CEO of, an AI-powered SaaS management, and procurement platform. Prior to, Nidhi spent several years selling to CIO's and building partnerships at Box & ServiceNow. Nidhi's a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and also did venture investing and public markets investing in India. She came to the US with the first wave of startups in 1999, sold her company to Verizon wireless before completing her MBA from UC Berkeley.

Prasanna Naik

Prasanna Naik is the co-founder and CTO of CloudEagle. Prasanna oversees product and tech at CloudEagle. Most recently Prasanna was Product Manager at Airbnb for the Web and Native Platform teams. Prior to that, Prasanna was the Product Manager lead who launched IPv6 on Oracle Cloud. Prasanna was an intrapreneur at Riverbed where he was proposing a new product. Prasanna has previously launched 360Creations, VR startup which was building Matterport for India in 2016.

Prasanna Naik
Prasanna Naik