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Coldreach helps you reach the right people and actually get replies, with relevant and personalized messages. It's an AI assistant that researches your prospects to find info you care about, identify the right people, and draft the perfect message accordingly. ********** How it works: Step 1: Define what you care about Step 2: AI research your prospects and companies to surface any relevant information, and filter out who you should prioritize Step 3: Write insanely relevant messages in your style, and automatically send them out after your review through Apollo/Outreach/Salesloft/other tools. Step 4 (Optional): Provide your templates/custom instructions/examples, and the AI adjusts itself to write better **********

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Xiaohan Shen

Shen is the CEO of Coldreach and ex-CPO of EasyJobs. He is excited about sales, growth hacking, and turning problems into opportunities. Shen led the growth and product team at EasyJobs from 0 to 20K MAU, and he has extensive experience with outbound sales and marketing. Before that, Shen had years of technical experience and worked as a software engineer, but discovered that his passion lies at the intersection of tech and business.

Xiaohan Shen
Xiaohan Shen

Hankel Bao

Hankel is the CTO of Coldreach and ex-CTO of EasyJobs. He has extensive experiences in NLP and abstractions. Hankel is enthusiastic in beautiful solution to hard problems. He started coding at 9, and developed an operating system in middle school. With that passion, he led the dev team to create the most intelligent solution to job applications at EasyJobs.

Hankel Bao
Hankel Bao

Company Launches


We make it easy for sales reps to reach many more qualified prospects, without sacrificing hyper-personalization. A prospecting bot conducts prospect research on aspects sales reps care about and personalizes emails in the way they need.

Hey everyone! We are Shen and Hankel aka the team behind Coldreach.

👪 Who is it for

Are your sales reps:

- spending a lot of time on prospect research and personalizing emails


- not spending enough time on that?

Then Coldreach is for your team.

🧨 The Problem

Sales reps face a dilemma today: quality vs. quantity.

Take our friend Sam as an example. He is an SDR at a B2B company. He researches prospects thoroughly and personalizes every message. As a result, he gets a great reply rate, but he spends so much time on every prospect that he couldn’t reach out to a lot of people. To generate more pipelines, Sam tries to “spray and pray” a little bit - he created a sequence of templated emails and added 300 leads onto it, but got zero conversion.

Reps like Sam are forced to find a balance between quantity and quality, which often distinguishes the best-performing reps from the rest.

💡 Our solution

We automate prospect research and email personalization, allowing sales reps to have the best of both worlds and reach many more prospects with hyper-personalization.

No one knows better than your sales team how to prospect effectively, and certainly not an AI. So we allow you to customize your own prospecting bot:

Specify what you’re looking for in prospects or accounts.

Our AI answers your questions based on real-time data from different sources.

Import your prospect list, research prospects and quickly qualify/disqualify.

Easily customize how you want your emails to be personalized. In one click, generate hundreds of personalized emails based on research and start your sequence.

🙏🏻 Our Ask

Wanna try it out? Fill out this form (~1 min) and we will be in touch!

Connect us to sales leaders in your network: Connect with Shen on LinkedIn or drop a line to shen@coldreach.ai - We love intros!

Investors: please reach out to shen@coldreach.ai!

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Hear from the founders

How did your company get started? (i.e., How did the founders meet? How did you come up with the idea? How did you decide to be a founder?)

The founders know each other since day 1 in college and collaborated on multiple projects. They built another startup around LLMs called EasyJobs together driving MAU to 20K in one and a half year. During that, they had extensive experience with NLP and outbound sales. Having written over 1000 personalized sales emails themselves, the founders know personalization is key to conversion, but takes too much time to be scalable. Thus, they decided to build Coldreach to generate personalized sales emails at scale.