Find the best leads with custom intent signals

Coldreach helps sales teams find ready-to-buy leads, by monitoring public signals *custom* to your product. For example, it can find who's hiring their first accountant, so an accounting automation product can hit them with a targeted message at the right time. Public data sources (job postings, news articles, 10-k reports, etc.) tell a lot about a company’s priorities and the problems it faces. We train AI sales agents to monitor them and find who needs your help and why. Sales teams know who'd thank them for a cold email/call now, and can sound relevant without hrs of manual research. Typically, targeted outreach yields 2-8x higher booking rate compared to random outreach. **Example intent signals we track**: - Bookkeeping automation product: Monitor who starts to hire human to manually enter invoices - Compliance product: Monitor who recently onboarded a new Compliance Analyst - CRM integrations: Monitor who starts to hire engineers experienced in Salesforce API.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Xiaohan Shen

Shen is the CEO of Coldreach and ex-CPO of EasyJobs. He is excited about sales, growth hacking, and turning problems into opportunities. Shen led the growth and product team at EasyJobs from 0 to 20K MAU, and he has extensive experience with outbound sales and marketing. Before that, Shen had years of technical experience and worked as a software engineer, but discovered that his passion lies at the intersection of tech and business.

Xiaohan Shen
Xiaohan Shen

Hankel Bao

Hankel is the CTO of Coldreach and ex-CTO of EasyJobs. He has extensive experiences in NLP and abstractions. Hankel is enthusiastic in beautiful solution to hard problems. He started coding at 9, and developed an operating system in middle school. With that passion, he led the dev team to create the most intelligent solution to job applications at EasyJobs.

Hankel Bao
Hankel Bao

Company Launches

TL;DR - Coldreach finds the best leads at the right time by watching public signals, customized to your product. For example, it can find companies hiring their first accountant, so an accounting automation solution can hit them with a targeted message at the right time.

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Hey everyone! We’re Shen and Hankel. We’re 2x founders who closely helped 40+ outbound sales teams last year. The biggest problem we see SDRs face is they waste >80% of their time spamming people who don’t care. We’re on a mission to change this at Coldreach.

🤯 The problem 🤯

B2B outbound is broken: Mass emailing no longer works. Conversion rates are low even with personalization.

The real problem is you can’t sell to someone who doesn't need help, even with the perfect message in the world.

Most teams waste >85% of time reaching out to the wrong people and have no time to focus on getting the attention of those who need their product.

🟩 Our solution 🟩

Public data sources (job postings, news articles, 10-k reports, etc.) tell a lot about a company’s priorities and the problems it faces.

Luckily, AI is great at screening through them to find who faces a relevant problem you solve today and why.

How it works:

  1. Identify relevant signals that indicate buying intent
  2. AI agent starts monitoring the signal in your ICP market, 24/7
  3. Get a list of leads ready to buy today, updated daily

Allison, ex-Senior SDR at Instawork (1,500+ employees), said:

“Coldreach found me the best accounts with hiring signals! I had the most qualified demos completed for Q4 out of 80 reps, while making almost the least number of calls, because I went after the right accounts and knew exactly what to say.”

Example signals our customers tracked:

  • AP automation product: Find companies hiring roles to process accounts payables, currently using Quickbooks
  • Compliance product: Find companies that recently onboarded a new Compliance Analyst
  • CRM integration: Find companies hiring engineers with experience in Salesforce APIs

The ask:

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Hear from the founders

How did your company get started? (i.e., How did the founders meet? How did you come up with the idea? How did you decide to be a founder?)

The founders know each other since day 1 in college and collaborated on multiple projects. They built another startup around LLMs called EasyJobs together driving MAU to 20K in one and a half year. During that, they had extensive experience with NLP and outbound sales. Having written over 1000 personalized sales emails themselves, the founders know personalization is key to conversion, but takes too much time to be scalable. Thus, they decided to build Coldreach to generate personalized sales emails at scale.