Inventory Management and POS for the Wine industry

CraftOS is how wineries track and sell their wine. 83% of wine production in the US comes from small batch wineries, we provide inventory tracking and POS tools for them.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Wael Al Sallami

Founder at CraftOS. Formerly @Square, Weebly. Led the development of Square Online from inception to $100m in annual profits and over $1b in transaction volume.

Wael Al Sallami
Wael Al Sallami

Company Launches

Hi everyone! We - Wael and Kenan - are building a platform for retailers to match their invoices with their purchasing orders.

The Problem: Retailers are overpaying their vendors

Retailers are juggling a lot of internal and market pressures­–inflation, low margins, high turnover, etc. They don’t have the time and resources to stay on top of their entire operations. As a result, we discovered that they can’t keep track of the discrepancies between purchase orders and vendor payments, leading them to routinely overpay their vendors.

Solution: Martola, automatic matching between your invoices and purchase orders

Martola requires minimal intervention on the retailer’s side, matching the necessary lines on their purchase orders to their invoices and alerting them to discrepancies such as price and quantity mismatch.

Retailers can follow up with the vendor or update the purchase order on their end.

We decided to focus on solving this critical pain point as our initial scope. Our long-term vision is to capture retailers by solving for this problem with a clear business case and expand our product suite to address retailers’ other challenges.

Our ask

Thank you from Wael and Kenan