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Generative AI for administrative automation in healthcare

Delfino AI helps automate the repetitive phone calls that providers' offices make to payors

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Delfino AI
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Active Founders

Sneh Patel

Sneh has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and MBA from Harvard. She previously worked at McKinsey and an NEA-backed startup.

Sneh Patel
Sneh Patel
Delfino AI

Kimberly McManus

Kimberly’s expertise in consumer health comes from leading a data science team at 23andMe. She has a Bachelor’s degree from MIT, and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Informatics and a Ph.D. in Biology from Stanford University. She’s published over ten papers in genomics, healthcare and machine learning and holds one patent, with three patents pending.

Kimberly McManus
Kimberly McManus
Delfino AI

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>50% of American adults have high inflammation levels.  Chronic inflammation may lead to many negative outcomes including:

  • Chronic disease (e.g., cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s)
  • Fatigue
  • Symptoms of IBS, migraine and pain (fibromyalgia and myofascial pain)
  • Negative impact on IVF and IUI success


Be Golden helps you measure and manage your inflammation levels using an at home finger prick based blood testing kit and a digital platform.  How it works:

  1. MEASURE your baseline inflammation levels; Receive your results and how they compare to other people like you
  2. TRY A NEW HABIT from our list of personalized options from the scientific literature (or something else) and track how often you complete it
  3. RE-MEASURE every 1-2 months and receive analytics on changes to your habits and inflammation scores


If you or anyone you know has health goals related to the below, please sign up to learn more here: https://www.begolden.online/

  • Help prevent disease (e.g., cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s)
  • Feel good
  • Help reduce the frequency of migraine symptoms
  • Help prevent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms
  • Help take control of your fertility

If you know any of the following experts, we would love a connection:

  • chronic inflammation experts that we can speak to about inflammation biomarkers
  • OB/GYNs
  • Gastroenterologists