Health disclosure and accommodation management platform

Disclo is the first software for employers to collect, verify, and manage health disclosures and employee accommodation requests (HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, of course). We help employees secure the enhancements and protections they need to succeed in their careers without having to disclose their underlying medical condition to their employer. We handle the collection of that data, the verification, the secure data management, and much more. Using our patent-pending medical verification system, Disclo validates that an employee's accommodation request is legitimate and required, interacting with medical providers directly, so HR managers can focus on what they do best. We help companies stay compliant with EEOC, ADA, and HIPAA guidelines.

Team Size:10
Location:Austin, TX
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Hannah Olson

Hannah Olson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Disclo, the first software helping employees safely ask for, verify, and act on accommodation requests at work. Hannah’s own experience navigating her career while undergoing intensive treatment for Lyme disease sparked the idea for her first venture, Chronically Capable, which became one of the largest and most-used disability recruiting platforms in the world.

Hannah Olson
Hannah Olson

Kai Keane

Kai Keane
Kai Keane

Company Launches

TLDR; Disclo helps employers maintain compliance by verifying, managing, and reporting on disability disclosure and accommodation requests in the workplace. We’re helping qualified employees secure the accommodations they need to succeed at work without having to disclose their underlying medical condition to their employer.

Hi everyone! We’re Hannah & Kai, the co-founders of Disclo. In two years, we built one of the most-used disability recruiting platforms in the world, Chronically Capable. Through working with leading employers such as Meta, Levi Strauss, Lululemon, and more, we landed on a major pain-point in today’s workplace: health disclosures are complicated, messy, and come with risk for both employees and companies.

We are dedicated leaders in the disability community, and our co-founder Hannah experienced this pain-point herself when she entered the workforce after college and struggled to disclose her chronic illness. We’re here to support over 60% of adults in the U.S. who live with some form of chronic health condition or disability.

❌ Managing employee health disclosures is extremely messy, risky, and expensive for employers

  1. It is illegal to store medical data inside of an HRIS (eg. Workday)
  2. Disability lawsuits now make up ⅓ of EEOC cases…and they’re on the rise!
  3. HR teamss are spending an enormous amount of time managing requests
  4. HR managers are not equipped to handle requests. They also do not have medical knowledge to deem requests as “reasonable”.

✅ It’s Disclo time! Here’s how we’re tackling this massive problem in today’s workforce

  1. Integrate with your HRIS and collect employee accommodation requests in a compliant and confidential manner.
  2. Disclo verifies the necessity and validity of requests directly with medical providers.
  3. Administer workplace accommodations and manage requests in our HIPAA and SOC2 compliant portal.
  4. Real-time data on costs, time spent, aggregated health data, cost of accommodations and more. + Track against EEOC and ADA requirements!

❓Do you know HR or Employee Relations professionals?

We’re looking to connect with HR leaders looking to stay compliant while supporting the needs of their employees. If you know one, or are one, come Disclo with us! Feel free to send us an email at founders@disclo.com. And join us on LinkedIn too!

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