Dr. Treat

“One Medical for pets.”

Dr. Treat is a tech enabled modern veterinary care company offering virtual and in-clinic services to pet parents. We are building the largest pet health company powered by technology and driven by data to offer highly personalized & preventative care for every pet.

Dr. Treat
Team Size:21
Location:San Francisco
Rakesh Tondon
Rakesh Tondon
Hetal Shah
Hetal Shah
charlie bowman
charlie bowman

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What is Dr. Treat

Dr. Treat is a tech enabled veterinary care company offering virtual and in-clinic services to pet parents. Our technology is designed to offer highly personalized & preventative care for every pet.

We deliver care that is research-based and personalized to each pet, based on their genetic makeup, health markers, diet, lifestyle, surroundings and any preexisting health issues or other predispositions.

Our first market is San Francisco Bay Area, and we expect to launch across other markets across California and other states.

What makes Dr. Treat, a treat?

We are building the next generation pet health company to deliver very personalized care to every pet all while creating a seamless, stress-free customer experience:

  • Proprietary Telehealth & Telemedicine platform for 24/7 virtual care, integrated into Dr. Treat’s app for all your pet’s health needs
  • End to end pharmacy integration
  • Easy access to patient data, notifications, reminders and communication between the vets & pet parents
  • Fully integrated experience & workflows
  • Beautifully designed clinics for a stress-free experience

How it works

Dr. Treat is a membership-based veterinary care practice, designed around your pet’s unique needs. Working like a clinic, but offering so much more through our:

  1. 24/7 virtual care platform and beautifully designed clinics
  2. Tailor-made pet care plan to suit your pet’s unique requirements
  3. Breed-specific consultations through a genetic breed test offered as part of the program
  4. Same day or next day appointments
  5. Research-based treatments
  6. Door-delivery of meds all

A short video of Dr. Treat’s experience:

Our target audience

  • Any cat or dog parents that are in the Bay Area today that want quality care for their pets
  • Gen Z and Millennial who value convenience and seamless customer experiences

Our ask:

  • Customer acquisition: Share this post! Please help spread the word, because we want to hear from early adopters who will use this service.
  • Feedback: We would love to hear from all of you on your pain points and delight moments as it relates to your pet’s health.
  • Partnerships: Connect us with companies that may want to offer Dr. Treat to their employees as an additional perk for increased employee retention.

Quick blurb to copy & paste: A team of entrepreneurs and veterinarians recently launched a very innovative pet health company to offer highly personalized veterinary care through a membership model. Check them out and contact rakesh@drtreat.com for more.

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