Real-time AI dubbing

EzDubs dubs videos and livestreams into different languages in real-time, all while preserving the voice of the original speaker. By enabling communication and broadcasting across multiple geographies, EzDubs boosts viewership and engagement, enables cross-border knowledge sharing in real-time, and breaks down language barriers across the internet. Visit www.ezdubs.ai to try out our Chrome extension and our Twitter bot for dubbing YouTube and Twitter videos with a single click, or reach out to us to integrate EzDubs' APIs with your website / livestreaming stack.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman
Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy
Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy
Amrutavarsh Kinagi
Amrutavarsh Kinagi

Company Launches

EzDubs is an AI video dubbing tool that translates videos and livestreams while preserving the voice of the original speaker.

Website (with demo videos)


Breaking down language barriers to videos across the internet

Language inaccessibility sucks

  • Enterprises and creators can’t broadcast their videos and livestreams to different geographies, and lose out on brand growth and revenue
  • Consumers can’t discover foreign language content and recommendation engines keep them isolated within their geography

Current dubbing solutions are:

  • Expensive - inaccessible to smaller creators / enterprises
  • Human dependent - having humans translate and voice every video leads to turn around times of days/weeks and isn't scalable
  • Unable to service livestreams - live interpreter services are expensive, require humans to join each call, and lose the original speaker’s identity

The EzDubs Solution - Fully automated, real-time AI dubbing

  • Instant turnarounds - dub livestreams in real-time and simultaneously engage with multiple audiences across the globe
  • Scale + affordability - automatically dub all videos uploaded to a platform using our API and eliminate hiring human interpreters / voice actors for each different language
  • Voice preservation - preserving the voice of the original speaker in the translated language makes for a more authentic viewing experience (esp. for livestreams), and enables creators to grow their brand internationally

Can I try it?


  • Twitter Bot: Tag us in a reply to a video and receive the dubbed video in ~3-5 mins
  • Demo

  • Chrome Extension: Embeds a “Translate” button below videos on YouTube and Twitter
  • iOS Shortcut: Call EzDubs from within the YouTube app on iOS

Works best on:

How can you help us?

  • Do shout out our bot on Twitter, so that we can be discovered by communities (like football / crypto sub-Twitter)
  • Would be great if you could connect us to publishers / live streamers / content creators looking to grow their international following
  • If you’re an enterprise that markets internationally, we’d love to talk outreach strategies
  • Share this post! Let the world know that real-time dubbing is now a reality and no longer Star Trek / Babelfish sci-fi.

Cheers, and happy dubbing!

Paddy and Amrut

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