Automating deliverables for finance professionals.

Lucite is a finance productivity software that automates investment banking-style presentations and research. Led by a former investment banker / investor and a former Meta software engineer, the team is changing the finance professional workflow by automating tedious work and unlocking time for analysis and human expertise. Lucite's free demo, live on its website, generates presentations for public and private companies by searching the web, analyzing public filings, integrating with financial data sources, and leveraging LLMs. Through its enterprise offering, Lucite embeds directly into the workflow and automates slides in the customers' custom format with proprietary data integrations.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Group Partner:Pete Koomen

Active Founders

Jason Spector

Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lucite. Jason was previously a Growth Equity Investor at WestCap. He started his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan. He holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

Jason Spector
Jason Spector

Richard Greenbaum

Richard is the Co-Founder and CTO of Lucite. He has deep experience working with data and ML intensive systems, having spent 3 years as a software engineer and technical lead in Meta's ads privacy and transparency division. Richard graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Cornell.

Richard Greenbaum
Richard Greenbaum

Company Launches


Lucite automates investment banking-style presentations for high-performing investment bankers, investors, corporate finance teams, and consultants. Our software searches the web, analyzes public filings, integrates with financial data sources, and leverages LLMs to output formatted, comprehensive presentations in minutes.

From left to right:

Jason is a former Investment Banker (J.P. Morgan) and Technology Growth Equity Investor (WestCap). Rich is a former Software Engineer (Meta). After years in the industry, we realized that a lot of the tedious and repetitive work in finance can, should, and will be automated, unlocking more time for thoughtful, expertise-driven analyses.

❌ Problem

Tedious and repetitive workflows: deliverable creation (pitchbooks, newsletters, primers, etc.) is a highly manual and repetitive process involving summarizing information, formatting charts/graphs, pulling logos/images, and other time-consuming tasks. These materials may only be used once but are created often, burning hours of time and resources. Finance workflows haven’t changed for decades; meanwhile, other white-collar industries (law, accounting, insurance) have had success implementing new technology to drive productivity.

Existing workarounds are not a long-term solution: many buy-side and sell-side firms offshore these types of deliverables. This is expensive, slow, and burdensome for staff to manage. Regularly, materials created by offshore teams need to be iterated upon extensively.

✅ Solution

We automate the grunt work! Lucite increases financial professionals’ productivity, saving firms time and money. Our first product automates some of the most common finance pages, which can be downloaded for your desired target in minutes. Lucite presentations are fully editable and come with sources.

Our technology is flexible, and we offer custom solutions to partner firms, powering research, presentation outputs, or both. Next up will be the launch of Lucite Studio, the industry’s first AI-native productivity suite.

Generate slides in your format in minutes. No more looking for old backups or repurposing pages from scratch - let Lucite do it for you.

Automatically populate content on your slides by having Lucite pull information from public data sources and/or integrate Lucite into your firm’s proprietary data and data rooms.

Edit comps pages instantly instead of spending hours refreshing and formatting pages.

Professionals Using Lucite:

✔️ Save time on the tedious work

✔️ Create higher-quality outputs

✔️ More time for tasks that require unique expertise

Firms Using Lucite:

✔️ Supercharge your workforce

✔️ Produce more high-quality deliverables and content for clients

✔️ Win more deals by leveraging the latest technology

👋 Our Ask

Check out our first product at www.lucite.ai. We’d love to connect with potential partners and customers (investment bankers, investors, consultants, or corporate finance professionals). Please reach out to founders@lucite.ai with any introductions or feedback. Thank you!

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