Transform any software to multi-cloud SaaS in minutes not years

Omnistrate is a cloud platform to SaaS-ify your docker image in minutes instead of years. Let’s say you have an open-source software, and you want to monetize your invention by building a multi-cloud SaaS solution. You can either spend years doing it yourself or use Omnistrate to do it in no time.

Jobs at Omnistrate

US / Remote (US)
$60K - $125K
Any (new grads ok)
IN / Remote (IN)
₹500K - ₹3M INR
1+ years
Team Size:15
Location:Redwood City, CA
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Kamal Gupta

Kamal is a Co-Founder & CEO of Omnistrate. He is a repeat founder with an entrepreneurial spirit. Kamal led the engineering for Kafka at Confluent across all channels. During his time, Kafka Cloud revenue grew by 20x. Before that, he led the database engineering for AWS Aurora MySQL, a BB+ dollar business managing MM+ of database nodes. During his period at AWS (2007-2020), he built more than half-a-dozen cloud services at AWS across different domains & providers

Kamal Gupta
Kamal Gupta

Alok Nikhil

Alok comes with deep technical expertise in Serverless, Networking, Performance on the Cloud. He was the original technical author of Aurora Serverless, which revolutionized the data systems space. Within the first year of its introduction, ~50% of hundreds of thousands of Aurora DBs created were on Aurora Serverless. He also scaled networking (packets-per-second) on AWS by 10-15x during his tenure at Cisco, scaled Confluent Cloud by 5x from 4GBps to 20GBps, and Kafka Cloud latencies by 10x.

Alok Nikhil
Alok Nikhil

Company Launches


Omnistrate is a control-plane as-a-service that transforms your docker image into a multi-cloud SaaS service. Let’s say you have an open-source software (e.g. MongoDB), and you want to monetize your invention by building a multi-cloud SaaS solution (e.g. MongoDB Atlas), you can either spend years doing it yourself, or use Omnistrate to do it in no time.

Hello everyone - it’s Kamal and Alok here introducing Omnistrate!

🤯 Problem

  • Going from Software to SaaS can take months or even years. Moreover, it can take several attempts for enterprises to find their product-market fit making it extremely costly to experiment.
  • Cloud is complicated with so many different services, cloud providers, and a rapidly evolving landscape.
  • Building a SaaS service from scratch to do undifferentiated heavy-lifting distracts enterprise from the core innovation and adds significant risk to their business.

💡 Solution

  • Omnistrate makes it simple, quick and cost-effective, saving years of development time and resources. And we do this, for every cloud provider across the globe out of the box.
  • Omnistrate abstracts away all the cloud complexities and make it super easy to build cloud-native services.
  • In a fast moving world, enterprises need a platform that allows them to successfully experiment, without shifting their focus or taking a massive business risk.

📜 Our Story

I was part of the AWS founding team, and built more than half-a-dozen cloud services over the years (2007-2020) across different domains. During my early days at AWS, I was one of the original authors of AWS control plane that was used to host open-source technologies by numerous AWS services.

Alok and I met at AWS Aurora when I was running the database engineering for a billion dollar SaaS business, managing millions of databases. Alok was the original technical author of Aurora Serverless, which revolutionized the data systems space. He then went to Cisco to scale networking pipeline (packets-per-second) on AWS by 10-15x.

We reunited again at Confluent in 2020 where I ran the Kafka engineering at Confluent and grew their multi-cloud Kafka offering to 200MM+ ARR business managing over 100,000 containers. Alok played a key role there in scaling Kafka Cloud throughput by 5x, and reducing Kafka Cloud latencies by 10x to really distinguish Confluent Kafka offering from other vendors.

With Omnistrate, we want to share our learnings into a fully automated platform by getting rid of the undifferentiated work and making it simple for anyone to build a SaaS service.

⚒️ How it works

You start by simply bringing your docker image. Omnistrate, from then on, will seamlessly build your SaaS and runs it on auto-pilot. At every step of the process, you retain full control, the ability to innovate on your product and the ability to integrate with your favorite tools or services.

🫶 Ask

If you are looking to SaaSify your open-source (or any other software), please sign-up here and we will create an account for you to provide a white glove experience. We will then come on a quick call to get you up and running in a few minutes.

If you know someone who could benefit, please reach out to us at: founders@omnistrate.com

If you are excited about the SaaS space, please join our Slack community

⭐️ Our YC deal:

Please see this: https://bookface.ycombinator.com/deals/1677

For any questions on the deal, please reach out to us at yc@omnistrate.com

Thank you! Omnistrate Team ✌️

CEO, Kamal Gupta

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