Build & deploy reusable software with AI

Most internal tool builders end up surprisingly hard to use because connecting to and mapping complex business data to UI elements is just a difficult problem, nearly every way you slice it. Prefix combines powerful pre-built app integrations, the latest in LLMs, and a custom workflow interpreter to automatically learn your data schemas and allow anyone at your business to skip this mapping step and generate the software they need, instantly and without code.

Jobs at Prefix

Palo Alto / Remote (US)
$120K - $150K
0.50% - 1.50%
Any (new grads ok)
Team Size:2
Location:Los Altos, CA

Active Founders

Siddharth Garimella

Worked in finance infra for a few years, now on automation.

Siddharth Garimella
Siddharth Garimella

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10x better process automation for the modern web

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Prefix is the fastest way to automate processes and centralize data across every modern web tool, allowing rapidly growing teams and organizations to build rich automation flows for tools that may not offer API’s without writing a line of code or, importantly, spending weeks in tutorials.

Primarily focused on financial institutions, Prefix consolidates the highest utility functionality from five-figure RPA platforms into a power tool that outperforms historically expensive and bloated software, lowering the activation energy necessary to start automating and raising the bottom line for boring work on the internet.