Marketplace Optimization

Promoted.ai unifies search, native ads, and feed ranking for online marketplaces and scaled e-commerce apps to dramatically improve relevance (and revenue) using AI. We are a team of ex-Google, Meta, and Pinterest ads engineers. Our customers are publicly traded and late-stage marketplace companies like Wayfair, Upwork, and Outschool. Our mission is to connect every buyer and seller.

Jobs at Promoted.ai

San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US; CA)
$60K - $80K
San Francisco, CA, US
Any (new grads ok)
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
$200K - $260K
0.50% - 1.00%
6+ years
San Francisco, CA, US
3+ years
Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Andrew Yates

I built ad marketplaces at Facebook and Pinterest.

Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates

Dan Hill

I've worked on ad systems for ~15 years at Google, Pinterest and Promoted.ai. I'm passionate about growing team members and revenue.

Company Launches

Promoted.ai optimizes search and ads for marketplaces. We exclusively partner with top engineering companies with world-class search, discovery, and ads departments to get the last +5-10% of revenue at scale. We work with many of the biggest names in e-commerce.

Increase revenue by +9% with unified search, discovery, and native ads. We always outperform all in-house systems and vendors in A/B testing, at scale, forever. Demos: [ebay] [amazon] [walmart]

Dramatically Better Ads

Add native ads and sponsored search. Our ads integrate with our organic ranking for dramatically better performance. We optimize ad load, profitability, and sales.

Build In-House Better

All of our customers have existing search, discovery, and ads teams. We help you build in-house better. Start with cloud and migrate to licensing and self-hosting.