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Reforged Labs

GenAI Performance Marketing tools built for the game industry

At Reforged Labs, we combine the excitement of GenAI with the fun of gaming. We’re building cutting-edge, self-teaching GenAI models that help game studios all over the globe produce eye-catching video ads and grow their player bases at superhuman speed and scale. We’re a small and nimble team with backgrounds from Google, Microsoft, and Harvard, and we’re backed by world-class investors, including Y Combinator, the founder of King and Sky Mavis, and executives from Niantic and Pocket Gems.

Reforged Labs
Team Size:9
Location:Singapore, Singapore

Active Founders

Robert Huynh

Robert is the co-founder and CEO of Reforged Labs. Previously, he was at some of the world's largest tech companies (X the moonshot lab/Google/Microsoft) before starting his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Robert Huynh
Robert Huynh
Reforged Labs

Company Launches

TL;DR: Reforged Labs is automating the full marketing cycle for mobile game studios with GenAI. Our text-to-ad creation and campaign performance solutions will slash time spent on ad creatives and help game developers get more mileage out of their game ad budgets.


Marketing games is expensive and challenging. Mobile game studios spend >50% of their budgets on marketing - more than on development itself - to acquire and retain players. Today, your marketing workflow likely consists of this:

  • Design up to thousands of image, video, and playable ad units per campaign - for multiple campaigns across multiple ad networks
  • Analyze how each ad unit performs - then try your best to figure out which aspects of your ads made them hit or miss (because your reporting tools won’t be giving you that data)
  • Revise your ads and design new ones based on your best guess on what makes your players tick, without knowing whether your experimentation will pay off
  • Manually replace old and low-performing ads with new ones, and repeat the process across all your ad channels


We make marketing campaigns substantially faster to run + deliver higher returns on your ad spend. Upload your game images and footage, enter simple text prompts for the ads you’d like to see, and we’ll extract the relevant visual assets and create your ads using a proprietary combination of LLMs, machine perception, and computer vision. Automatically resize finished creatives to fit multi-platform specs and export them as campaign-ready ad units.

Reduce your ad development time from days / weeks / months to minutes.

Once your campaign is up and running, our models analyze and identify which attributes likely made certain ads more effective. Our self-improving models will

🎨 Improve your existing ads by adjusting visual elements to include performance-lifting attributes

🌟 Create new & original ads based on re-scanning your uploaded assets

🚀 Automatically push new & improved ads to your x-channel campaigns and retire low-performers

Increase the ROI on your biggest expense with continuous, data-driven optimization.


Oscar and I (Robert) met over two years ago as serial founders who shared a love for gaming (and countless hours of duo-queuing in League of Legends). We wanted to put our data science and GenAI/deep learning backgrounds to work on solving one of the biggest problems in a space we’re deeply passionate about - and that’s how Reforged Labs was founded six months ago. We’ve since formed a guild of ex-Googlers, ex-Rioters, ex-Microsofties, and a rolodex of indie and multinational clients, to join us on our journey to innovate game marketing!


  • Warm intros! Share our post with mobile game developers, publishers, agencies, or marketers who’d like to explore what GenAI can do for them - we’d love to connect! Our waitlist is here and our inbox is always open at founders@reforgedlabs.com
  • Ideas and feedback! We’re constantly looking to connect with people with expertise in gaming, martech, and AI. Hit us up through our Calendly to let us know what would make you want to use a product like Reforged, or just to chat!

Meet with us in person at GDC March 18-22. We’ll be around the corner of the Moscone Center and ready to mingle!

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