AI operating system for veterinary care

Scritch is building the leading AI operating system for veterinary care. We provide AI agents to streamline operations including scheduling and clinical workflows.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Claire Lee

Claire is the co-founder & CEO of Scritch. She studied neuroscience and machine learning at Princeton. Before Scritch, she trained neural networks as a machine learning engineer in Tesla's Autopilot AI team.

Claire Lee
Claire Lee

Rachel Lee

Rachel is the co-founder & CTO of Scritch. She studied computer science at Cornell. Prior to starting Scritch, she was a software engineer at Amazon where she worked on one of the world’s most visited pages, the Amazon detail page.

Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee

Company Launches

Hi everyone 👋 We’re Claire and Rachel – sisters and co-founders of Scritch.

tl;dr: Scritch empowers veterinarians to start, run, and grow their own practices. We connect practices with new patients and provide an AI-powered platform to streamline operations including scheduling, billing, and clinical workflows.

We’re excited to build a nationwide network of exceptional veterinary practices, starting with our first partner in Los Angeles County, California!

The Problem

Veterinarians and pet parents both want a better pet healthcare system. Over the past decade, the influx of private equity and corporate acquisitions has dramatically altered the landscape of veterinary medicine. In the majority of cases, this transformation has contributed to a system that prioritizes volume over value, leading to dissatisfaction among not only pet parents (and pets) but also veterinary professionals, many of whom are leaving the industry altogether.

  • Veterinarians: Starting and operating a veterinary practice in an industry with staff shortages, corporate competition, and clunky software is incredibly difficult.
  • Pet parents: Over 70% of American households have pets and more people want to invest in their pets’ health and longevity. Many pet parents want the perks of a modernized, high-touch care model from local, non-corporate clinics.

Our Solution

We’re partnering with veterinarians to help them start or grow their own concierge practice. We provide AI-powered software for scheduling, billing, inventory management, clinical workflows, and care coordination. We also drive new patients and offer support for pet parents by filing pet insurance claims on their behalf. We want to create a future where pets live longer, healthier lives by enabling practices to deliver high-touch care.

Team & Story

Claire and Rachel grew up in SoCal and split up for college where Claire studied neuroscience & machine learning at Princeton and Rachel studied computer science at Cornell. Before teaming up, Claire trained models behind the Full Self-Driving system in Tesla’s Autopilot team as a machine learning engineer. As a software engineer at Amazon, Rachel worked on one of the world’s most visited pages - the Amazon detail page - to provide the best buying experience for customers across the globe.

Scritch was born out of our personal desire for highly comprehensive, stress-free veterinary care. While navigating care for our 19-year-old and 14-year-old dogs, we learned of the immense challenges that veterinary practice owners face. Now, we’re on a mission to supercharge independent practices with world-class technology & resources and bring back the warmth in veterinary medicine.

Our Ask

  • Veterinarians: If you’re interested in starting your own practice or taking your existing practice to the next level, we’d love to connect! Here’s more info: https://www.joinscritch.com/providers
  • Pet Parents: If you’re interested in high-touch, concierge veterinary care for your pet, sign up for our waitlist here: https://www.joinscritch.com