Sequin is banking designed to empower women financially.

Sequin (Y Combinator) is a membership-based high-yield checking account (that's right, high interest on checking!) and debit card with built-in education, community, and rewards designed with women's best interests in mind - literally. Vrinda Gupta, the founder and CEO, launched the Chase Sapphire Reserve at Visa, where she was rejected from the credit card she built! She learned that 70% of women today were making avoidable financial mistakes like she was, and embarked on a mission to close gender-based financial gaps. She teamed up with ex-PayPal engineering leader, Mark Thomas, co-founder and CTO, to build a membership-based banking designed to empower women financially. Sequin is backed by high-profile investors such as the Schwab Family, Y Combinator, and IDEO Ventures and is an official Visa partner. The team plans to expand its offerings into a $65B largely untapped market for women's financial products from first bank account to retirement products.

Jobs at Sequin

San Francisco
$70K - $120K
0.10% - 0.50%
3+ years
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sequin, a fintech on a mission to empower women financially. She founded Sequin after being rejected from the very credit card she helped launch (the Chase Sapphire Reserve) at Visa Inc. Vrinda holds an M.B.A from Berkeley Haas and a B.A. from UCLA. She is a proud first-generation Indian immigrant and currently lives in San Francisco, California.

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Mark Thomas

CTO & Co-founder at Sequin Financial

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

Company Launches

Tl;dr Sequin Banking Members unlock a high-yield checking account (that’s right, high interest on checking vs. savings!) and personalized debit card with built-in financial education, community, and perks geared towards women’s lifestyles. All genders welcome (18+, US SSN), become a member today at www.sequincard.com!

I was rejected from the credit card I built at Visa.

Hi everyone! We’re Vrinda + Mark, two payments experts (Visa & PayPal) on a mission to close gender-based financial gaps - more below. I developed the Chase Sapphire Reserve at Visa, and was rejected (!) because I lacked credit history due to heavy debit usage. Turns out, 70% of women’s spend is primarily on debit like mine was (Visa data).

The financial world was designed to leave women out of the narrative.

Women could be rejected from bank accounts, credit cards, and business loans until 1974 - not ancient history. Despite the fact that women control over $20T in consumer spending globally, women continue to be systemically disadvantaged when it comes to our finances:

-Women’s spend is disproportionately linked to traditional checking accounts, that earn low to no interest (Visa data).

-Women are 18% more likely to pay avoidable banking fees like overdraft fees and other “gotchas”, costing $218/yr on average.

-Women lack financial education which leads us to manage our finances suboptimally, including paying higher interest rates, carrying credit card debt, or being rejected from credit cards more often.

The original Sequin Card concept was a debit card that builds credit. However, we sunset that product to address gendered financial gaps when they start - with young women’s checking accounts.

The Sequin Banking Membership is designed with women’s best interests in mind - literally.

The Sequin Banking Membership unlocks a personalized Sequin Rewards Visa® Debit Card, High-Yield Checking Account (that’s right, high interest on checking!), and $1300+ in value with expert-led financial education, community, and discounts on Sequin Perks Partners like Rent the Runway, Flex, and more!

Our Sequin Banking Membership model allows us to align with women’s interests:

  1. Your checking balance earns high interest, while remaining accessible (3.30% APY as of 5/5/23).

  2. Unbiased Recommendations: Sequin doesn’t rely on affiliates, so we can provide unbiased credit card recommendations. We’re also building the ability to link credit cards and receive personalized suggestions to pay off debt or build credit (coming soon)!

  3. No surprise fees, overdrafts, minimums, or “gotchas”.

Banking built by women, for women (all genders welcome!).

Women’s financial health is at a five-year low. Here’s how Sequin Banking Members spark joy:

  1. Financial education: workshops, how-to guides, and courses.
  2. Community: talk money, woman to woman.
  3. Personalized Coral-Colored Card: Write a favorite motto/affirmation “Who run the world!”
  4. Fight the Pink Tax!: $500+ in savings on women’s health and wellness partners.

Who is the Sequin Banking Membership for?

When products are designed with women in mind, they work better for everyone (all genders welcome). The Sequin Banking Membership is especially powerful for heavy-debit users, those working towards a credit goal (building credit/paying off debt), or anyone who has had a negative experience with their traditional bank. Our ideal member is a young professional woman who is looking to step into her financial power with confidence and maintain confidence throughout her life’s financial goals.

Our Ask 🙏🏼

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