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Automate inbound and outbound phone calls with hyper realistic AI. Companies use Vocode to replace and augment their call center operations at a fraction of the cost. Spin off AI phone calls in a single line of code https://vocode.dev Our open source library makes it easy for developers to build voice-based LLM applications. We provide abstractions for streaming 2-way conversation (this is good for realtime apps like phone calls) and for command-based/turn-based applications (like voice-based chess). The library has integrations to most major speech recognition/synthesis providers and platform support across web and telephony (via Twilio). It’s easy to get up and running–simple use cases are just 10 lines of code. Check out our docs for more information: https://docs.vocode.dev

Jobs at Vocode

San Francisco HQ
$180K - $220K
0.15% - 0.65%
3+ years
Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman
Kian Hooshmand
Kian Hooshmand
Ajay Raj
Ajay Raj

Company Launches

TLDR: Vocode makes it easy for developers to build voice-based LLM applications. Using Vocode, developers can integrate realistic voice AI in product flows or to automate interactions like phone calls in 10 lines of code. Watch our demo😀

Hi everyone! Ajay and Kian here representing Vocode – we are on a mission to build the most realistic, production-ready conversational voice AI to power the future of human <> computer interactions.

Problem: voice interfaces are useful but hard to build

To build a realistic voice interface, you have to orchestrate several pieces – speech recognition, AI/Natural Language Understanding, and speech synthesis – in real time while managing the asynchronous and imperfect nature of human conversation.

But voice is our most natural communication medium and is applicable in practically every industry (healthcare, sales, customer service, etc). Many products and services would have voice interfaces or voice automation.. but don’t due to the complexity.

Vocode makes it easy

Vocode makes it easy for developers to build voice interfaces through composability. Vocode orchestrates everything in real time and provides tools out-of-the-box for common workflows.

Companies can now focus on their core product/vertical and use our library to dramatically reduce the complexity and engineering time required to build voice into their applications.

Why now?

We’re at an inflection point where speech recognition/synthesis/AI are all improving at breakneck speed and we think this will lead to a massive boom in voice interfaces. Vocode wants to be the developer platform for building these voice interfaces.

The existing market is either too focused on custom enteprise use cases or not easy enough to use. Vocode will make it 10x faster to build voice apps through composability and the developer ergonomics we’re used to with other dev focused products (eg Stripe).

If you’re interested in what we’re building, check us out at vocode.dev and drop us an email/request access to our private beta!

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