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YC Generative AI Co-Founder Meetup

by Catheryn Li12/9/2022

YC is excited to announce our first-ever generative AI themed co-founder speed-dating event, happening virtually on Saturday, December 17th at 11am-1pm PST. This is your chance to meet other ambitious and creative individuals who share your passion for using generative AI to drive innovation.

YC ClimateTech Co-Founder Meetup

by Catheryn Li10/14/2022

We’re excited to announce the first YC ClimateTech Co-Founder Meetup. If you’re interested in starting a ClimateTech startup and want to meet other potential co-founders in the space, register to attend by October 25th.

Announcing Startup School 2022

by Jared Friedman5/17/2022

Today, we’re opening up registration for Startup School 2022, a live, online course where YC Group Partners and successful YC founders teach you how to build a billion dollar company.

Does co-founder matching work? It did for these three YC companies.

by Catheryn Li11/24/2021

Read about how the founders of Seer, Sequin, and Kiwi Biosciences used YC’s co-founder matching platform to complete their founding team.

What do people want in a co-founder?

by Catheryn Li, Katherine Bernstein10/21/2021

YC launched a co-founder matching platform about 3 months ago. There are now 16,000 co-founder profiles on the platform. Potential co-founders have sent 130,000 matching invites through the platform, and, with a 25% acceptance rate, we’ve seen a total of 33,000 matches.

Y Combinator Launches Co-Founder Matching Platform

by Catheryn Li7/6/2021

We’re excited to announce Y Combinator’s co-founder matching platform is now available for everyone through Startup School, our free online program and community for founders. Anyone actively looking for a co-founder can sign up.

Startup School Aspiring Founders Track Relaunches

by Kyle Corbitt3/16/2021

Starting today, we’re reopening the Startup School Aspiring Founders track as acontinuous course. This track is intended for potential founders who areinterested in starting a company in the future. You can register now for the new track.Historically, Startup School has focused on supporting founders actively workingon their companies. Last November we decided to expand our mission by launchinga new track [https://blog.ycombinator.