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Request for Education Startups

by Karen Lien9/19/2017

At YC, we’re deeply interested in education because of its power to transformlives and societies and to maximize human potential. On a micro level, webelieve technology can help reverse the trend in K-12 of spending more and moremoney to achieve the same learning outcomes. We believe tech can also createalternatives in higher education that will prepare adults for the careers theywant without the burden of excessive student debt.

YC Edtech Night on October 17

by Karen Lien9/11/2017

If you are thinking of starting an edtech startup or are in the early stages ofbuilding one, YC Edtech Night is for you!This free event will feature edtech CEOs from Y Combinator and Imagine K12 whowill share their founder stories and practical startup advice. At the end of theevening, two startups from the audience will be selected for on-stage officehours with YC partners Tim Brady and Geoff Ralston.

Announcing Our Guidelines for Edtech Products

by Karen Lien10/21/2016

Karen Lien is an Edtech Principal at Y Combinator.At YC / Imagine K12, we work with an educator advisory board that guides ourwork with edtech companies. Over the past year, the advisory board has helped uscompile a collection of guidelines for edtech products.