Y Combinator is Hiring a Visiting Partner in the Life Sciences

by Y Combinator11/12/2018

YC started funding bio companies in 2011 and since then the number of bio companies we’ve funded per batch has risen exponentially, now over 141 in total. The most recent batch was 25% bio, by far the highest ever. Some of the notable life sciences companies we’ve funded include Gingko Bioworks, Science Exchange, uBiome, Atomwise, and Verge Genomics.

To support our growing number of bio companies, we are hiring a Visiting Partner to work with them. This would be a perfect role for a founder of a successful company in the life sciences who is in between gigs and interested in trying investing. As a Visiting Partner, you can work at YC for 6-12 months, get to know dozens of companies, give back to the next generation of founders, and plan your next move. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we’d love to hear from you. More info here.


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