AI Payment solution for small late payments

We use AI to respectfully collect account receivables, unpaid bills & chargebacks. We got 50% collection rate within 20 Days (vs. human got 3%) We only need an excel file to start (we integrate as well). Our most notorious customers include Flexport, Clipboard Health, Plane (ex-Pilot) etc... You pay only if it works.

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San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
$80K - $200K
0.10% - 0.50%
3+ years

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Respaid - a payment solution for late payment 💰

We collect AR, chargebacks and bills as low as a $5 bill (B2B,B2C), using a simple lost disputes CSV file (no attached invoices required).
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Team Size:28
Location:San Francisco

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John Banner

My prior startup's downfall was due to many small unpaid debts. With no viable market solution and seeing that 1/4 of businesses faced bankruptcy for similar reasons, I founded Respaid, using AI and respect to address the issue. Beyond entrepreneurship, I'm a commander in the French Republican Guard, a pianist, composer, and passionate about fintech meeting psychology. An engineer by training, I graduated from Harvard Business School and Ecole Centrale Electronique. Also, I'm a proud dad to four

John Banner
John Banner

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Small debts almost killed my last startup.\In my previous startup, I didn’t find a solution to chase small debts, and debt collectors would not take us seriously regarding volume or risk too high (they tend to select debts they have more chance to be collected). I realized 1/ 4 startups fail due to small debts. I knew the only way to fix it was through technology + respect. 18 months later, we were #1 on Trustpilot “debt collector” and had 16 unicorn customers.