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Writesonic is an AI writing and image generation platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to create any form of content 10X faster. It's like Canva for writing, with tools that simplify the process of creating, editing, and publishing SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, ads, landing pages, eCommerce product descriptions, social media posts, and many other forms of content. Our customers love us, as evidenced by the 10,000+ 5-star reviews on G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra. Backed by Y Combinator, HOF Capital (investors in Uber, Stripe, Alibaba, UiPath, Klarna), Rebel Fund (team includes founders of Instacart, Reddit, and Cruise), Soma Capital (investors in Deel, Rippling, Razorpay, Lattice, coda, Rappi), Broom Ventures, Amino Capital (investors in Zoom, Webflow, Rippling) and some of the best angels from different industries.

Jobs at Writesonic

Remote (US)
$80K - $125K
3+ years
Team Size:30
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Samanyou Garg

- Software engineer with a passion for solving complex real-world problems using AI. - Built and launched several profit and non-profit projects with thousands of monthly active users. - Computer science graduate from the University of Manchester. - Awarded with the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards (often referred to as the junior Nobel Prize) for his research on Group Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning.

Samanyou Garg
Samanyou Garg

Company Launches

Tl;dr: GPTRouter is an open source LLM API Gateway that offers a universal API for 30+ LLMs, vision, and image models, with smart fallbacks based on uptime and latency, automatic retries, and streaming. Stay operational even when OpenAI is down. Try it out today.

We are open-sourcing GPTRouter, an LLMOps tool we have been using internally at Writesonic for handling millions of monthly requests for our users.

✅ Universal API for 30+ LLMs, Vision and Image Models

✅ Smart Fallbacks based on latency and uptime

✅ Automatic Retries

✅ Supports streaming

Why we built it

Since embracing OpenAI GPT-3 in production in 2020, we at Writesonic have been serving millions of users and faced the typical scaling pains with generative AI models:

1. Dependency on a single model risked total downtime.

2. Latency issues with models like GPT-4 affected user experience.

3. Integrating various models was tough due to different APIs and SDKs.

🌟 Early this year at Writesonic, we set out with a clear vision: to become model agnostic.

Faced with single-model limitations and diverse AI challenges, we began building GPTRouter - our bespoke solution to navigate and thrive in a multi-model AI world.

🔗 With GPTRouter's Universal API, you're the master of AI models.

Swap between OpenAI, Azure, Anthropic, Replicate, Cohere & more with just one line of code.

It simplifies model management to a great extent.

🛡️ Downtime isn't an option.

GPTRouter's Smart Fallbacks mean your service is always on.

You can define a hierarchy of models for each use case. GPTRouter will constantly check for uptime/downtime, latency and other factors, and automatically fallback to the next best model with zero interruption.

♻️ Say goodbye to manual retries.

GPTRouter does the heavy lifting with Automatic Retries for failed requests, keeping your AI services sharp and consistent.

🌟 GPTRouter's Edge:

✅ Universal API for seamless model switching.

✅ Smart, automatic fallbacks for continuous service.

✅ Reduced latencies for quick interactions.

This is just the starting point. We are also working on integrations with Langchain and Llamaindex.

Additionally, we will also be open sourcing our frontend LLMOps layer that provides a playground to test multiple models in parallel, keep a tab on the latencies for each model, track tokens and costs for each model and user all in one place.

📈 With GPTRouter, we're not just solving our problems at Writesonic; we're offering a solution to other startups and companies looking to make use of Generative AI in production.

Try it out here: https://github.com/Writesonic/GPTRouter

🙏 Asks

Do try it out and share your feedback at sam at writesonic.com or open an issue on Github.

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