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Tom Blomfield of GoCardless and Monzo is our newest Group Partner

by Garry Tan5/24/2023

Introducing YC's newest Group Partner, Tom Blomfield

Welcome back to YC, Emmett Shear and Wayne Crosby

by Aaron Epstein5/11/2023

Today, we’re excited to welcome Emmett Shear and Wayne Crosby as our newest Visiting Group Partners.

Welcome S22 Visiting Group Partners

by Aaron Epstein5/11/2022

Welcome to our newest YC S22 Visiting Group Partners: JJ, Liz, Pete, Puneet, and Rich! We’re excited for them to bring their insights and operational experiences to our next batch of companies.

Tim Brady is leaving YC

by Geoff Ralston4/19/2022

It has been our pleasure to have Tim as a colleague and a friend, and wish him only the best in whatever adventures lie ahead in his, always epic, journey.

Two New YC Partners: Justin Kan and Aaron Harris

by Sam Altman3/19/2014

I’m delighted to announce that Justin Kan and Aaron Harris are joining YCombinator as Partners.Justin was in the very first YC batch with me in the summer of 2005, and hasbeen a part-time partner since 2011. Justin founded Kiko,,Socialcam, and Exec. He took the “do what it takes” directive of startupsunusually far with, when he wore a webcam on his head and broadcasthis entire life for 8 months, 24 hours a day.