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InspectMind AI

Write Construction Inspections Reports using AI, up to 10x faster

InspectMind AI is changing the game for people who build and design buildings by making it super easy to do their paperwork. Our tool uses AI to quickly turn videos and photos from construction sites into detailed, accurate and well formatted reports. What used to take days of typing and organizing now takes just minutes. With our app, workers can spend less time at their desks and more time doing the important stuff on site.

InspectMind AI
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Pete Koomen

Active Founders

Aakash Prasad

At 13, I founded a construction engineering business, scaling it to a $15MM run rate and completing over 10,000 inspections. My education in EECS at UC Berkeley and research at Google, combined with experiences in AEC and B2B SaaS startups, shaped my expertise. Motivated by my structural engineer father, I got the idea for InspectMind AI to streamline construction report writing.

Aakash Prasad
Aakash Prasad
InspectMind AI

Shuangling Yin

Shuangling is the Co-Founder and CTO of InspectMind AI. Her expertise includes developing Airbnb's payment risk system which detects and mitigates payment fraud, preventing the company from loss of millions of dollars every year. Prior to that, she worked on G Suite Security Center and Google Workspace at Google. She did a Master's in CS at Carnegie Mellon University.

Shuangling Yin
Shuangling Yin
InspectMind AI

Company Launches

tl;dr: InspectMind AI is revolutionizing construction inspections by transforming on-site voice and visual data into detailed, accurate reports 10x faster. For inspectors, we’re cutting down tedious report-writing time, boosting accuracy, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Check out our iOS app or web app and step into the future of construction inspections!

Hi everyone, we're Aakash and Shuangling, the founders of InspectMind AI!

Aakash (CEO), who founded a tech-enabled architecture and engineering firm as a teenager and scaled it to a $15M annual run rate, has teamed up with Shuangling (CTO), previously a software engineer at Airbnb and Google. Together, they are building InspectMind AI towards a future where AI-driven inspections are the norm.

The Problem
Construction inspectors are burdened with time-consuming report writing after site visits, leading to delays and reduced work quality.

Our Broader Vision

While we are currently focusing on the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) sector, our technology has the potential to revolutionize inspection workflows across multiple industries, including real estate, aerospace, manufacturing, and more. The core inspection workflow remains consistent across these fields, offering a vast opportunity for expansion, with an AI-first B2B SaaS business model.

Our Solution

InspectMind AI’s app efficiently processes voice and visual data from site visits to produce detailed and user-friendly inspection reports, cutting down report writing time by 10x and significantly enhancing accuracy.

Below is an example of a structural observation:

Our ask 🙏

If you know inspectors or professionals who deal with site visits regularly, download our iOS app or web app, and let’s get in touch! admin@inspectmind.ai

Here's to a future where inspections are more about insights and less about paperwork.


Aakash and Shuangling