What is ZIRP, and how did it impact the startup world?

If you’ve spent any time on the startup side of Twitter, you’ve probably seen the word “ZIRP” thrown around. In this episode of Dalton + Michael, the two talk about this economic phenomenon and the ripples it caused in the startup world.

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Humanloop CEO Raza Habib shares 5 common mistakes teams make when building with LLMs

by Greg Kumparak6/4/2024

After working with hundreds of teams to make better products with LLMs, Humanloop CEO Raza Habib shares some of the most common mistakes he's seen.

Why YC went to DC

by Garry Tan6/3/2024

A few weeks ago, I went to DC to start engaging policymakers and be the voice of little tech. Here's why.

The origins of RevenueCat

by Greg Kumparak5/30/2024

If you build something because you need it, chances are good others need it too. In this interview, RevenueCat CEO Jacob Eiting shares how solving his own frustrations led to building a tool that helps power over 30,000 apps.

Join us at Startup School 2024 in San Francisco - July 27

by Y Combinator5/29/2024

Applications for Startup School 2024 are now open!

How AI will create more successful founders

by Dalton Caldwell5/24/2024

When a major new technology comes out, huge new opportunities open up for founders that get in on the ground floor. In this episode of Dalton and Michael, we’ll talk about why this is that moment for AI and who will find those opportunities.

Lessons on building hardware from the founders of Eight Sleep

by Greg Kumparak5/8/2024

The co-founders of Eight Sleep share some things they've learned about building hardware over the last 10 years