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Monthly HN Office Hours

by Kevin Hale1/15/2016

Last year, we tried our hand at some new experiments to provide 1-on-1 adviceout in the open. We’ve done this a few times on stage at Startup School, but wefigured Hacker News might be a better way to do it at scale.I spent a day reviewing Show HN projects and Sam and I did online office office hours for an afternoon. You cansee the results of those experiments here:Aggregated Show HN Feedbackhttps://news.ycombinator.

Motivating Employees Without Fear

by Kevin Hale1/13/2016

Dear YC,We let 2 sales reps go because they weren’t even close to hitting their numbers.Now my employees are literally shaking while conducting their 1 on 1s with me.Many are afraid that they’re going to be next.Any advice on how to expect results without it being a culture ruled by fear?–Accidental Tyrant--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Accidental Tyrant,Fear is almost always a dread of the unexpected.

How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

by Kevin Hale11/15/2015

The following is an adaption of a presentation I give to YC startups before wehave them create their presentation slide decks for Demo Day.Here’s how to make a solid Demo Day slide deck. The thing to remember is thatyou already have everything you need to create a great presentation.There are probably 100 reasons why your company is great, but people can onlyreally remember a few of them after a short presentation or pitch.

Hacker News API

by Kevin Hale10/7/2014

Today we’re excited to launch an official Hacker News API. We’vepartnered up with Firebase (YC S11) so that the data we’remaking available will be near real time, which should be a huge improvement fordevelopers who had to rely on scraping the site for this info.The API is available at https://hacker-news.firebaseio.

New Y Combinator Website

by Kevin Hale7/1/2014

Our website got a facelift . The content is pretty much the same. Since the old site was mostly text, I didmy best to just make that text easier to digest and hopefully entice people toget through more of it.