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How Adversarial Attacks Work

by Emil Mikhailov11/2/2017

Emil Mikhailov is the founder of (YC W17). Roman Trusovis a researcher at studies by Google Brain have shown that any machine learning classifiercan be tricked to give incorrect predictions, and with a little bit of skill,you can get them to give pretty much any result you want.This fact steadily becomes worrisome as more and more systems are powered byartificial intelligence — and many of them are crucial for our safe andcomfortable life.

Baidu's AI Lab Director on Advancing Speech Recognition and Simulation

by Y Combinator8/11/2017

Adam Coates is the Director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab .----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SubscribeiTunes Google PlayStitcher [http://www.

Jeff Dean’s Lecture for YC AI

by Y Combinator8/7/2017

Jeff Dean is a Google Senior Fellow in the Research Group, where he leads theGoogle Brain project.He spoke to the YC AI group thissummer.

Ex Machina's Scientific Advisor - Murray Shanahan

by Y Combinator6/28/2017

Murray Shanahan was one of the scientificadvisors on Ex Machina.He’s also a Research Scientist at DeepMind and professor of Cognitive Roboticsat Imperial College London.His book Embodiment and the Inner Life served as inspiration for Alex Garland while he was writing the screenplay forEx Machina.


by Daniel Gross3/19/2017

Some think the excitement around Artificial Intelligence is overhyped. Theymight be right. But if they’re wrong, we’re on the precipice of something reallybig. We can’t afford to ignore what might be the biggest technological leapsince the Internet.In an effort to usher in more innovation with AI, Y Combinator is going to tryan experiment in the upcoming batch: a vertical group in YC dedicated to AIcompanies.