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Matt Cutts on the US Digital Service and Working at Google for 17 Years

by Y Combinator12/4/2019

Matt Cutts is the Administrator of the USDigital Service and previously he was the head of thewebspam team at Google.You can find him on Twitter at @mattcutts .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Topics00:00 – Intro00:18 – Working at Google in 20002:30 [https://youtu.

Vikrum Nijjar: Engineer #1 at Firebase and Founder of Gold Fig Labs (YC S19)

by Ryan Choi11/22/2019

Vikrum Nijjar joined as the first engineer at Firebase, and did whatever ittook to help the company succeed: scaling out infrastructure, shipping mobileSDKs, hosting 1-1 office hours with developers and even standing in as SRE for24×7 hour shifts… for over a year.

Diana Hu on Augmented Reality and Building a Startup in a New Market

by Y Combinator8/28/2019

Diana Hu cofounded Escher Reality, which wentthrough the Summer 2017 batch of YC. They were acquired by Niantic and she is now the head of their AR platform.She’s on Twitter @sdianahu .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Topics00:00 – Intro00:15 – Getting into AR2:30 [https://youtu.

Aaron Harris on Fundraising and Meeting with Investors

by Y Combinator8/21/2019

Aaron Harris is a Partner at YC and before that hecofounded Tutorspree.He’s on Twitter @harris .

Jay Reno of Feather, a Furniture Subscription Startup

by Y Combinator8/14/2019

Jay Reno is the CEO and founder of Feather. Feather is a furniture subscription service. Theywere in the Summer 2017 batch of YC.You can check out their furniture at and if you live in LA, SF, or New York you can tryout the service.Jay is on Twitter @jayjreno .

EconTalk Host Russ Roberts on Key Economic Concepts for Founders

by Y Combinator8/7/2019

Russ Roberts is the host of the podcast EconTalk (iTunes, RSS, and YouTube), a research fellowat Stanford’s Hoover Institution , and the author ofseveral books, including How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life[

YC Interviews in Israel

by Y Combinator7/23/2019

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding interviews for the Winter 2020batch in Tel Aviv for founders based in Israel. These interviews will take placeon September 10 and 11.We’ve been funding Israeli startups for a long time, and this time we thought itwould be easier if we went right to the source.These interviews will be just like regular YC interviews. There is no differencein the application or in our criteria for acceptance. If accepted, you’ll jointhe YC Winter 2020 batch.