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YC Founder Firesides: Gusto on building for new verticals

by Y Combinator8/15/2022

Today, more than 200,000 businesses use Gusto for payroll, employee benefits, talent management, and more. And with the recent addition of Gusto Embedded, developers now use Gusto’s APIs and pre-build UI flows to embed payroll, tax filing, and payments infrastructure into products.

Learnings of a CEO: Wade Foster, Zapier

by Lindsay Amos8/9/2022

Today, Zapier automates work by connecting with over 5,000 apps. The company has been profitable since 2014 and is valued at $5B – with 700 employees working remotely. Wade, Zapier CEO, shared his learnings growing into the role of a growth-stage CEO.

Growth AMA with YC Partner Gustaf Alströmer

by Y Combinator10/29/2018

YC Partner Gustaf Alströmer recently did a GrowthAMA with Startup School founders. It was sogood that we wanted to share it here.And here’s Gustaf’s Startup School lecture.

How to Monetize a Freemium Business

by Melissa Tan9/12/2018

ClearBrain (YC W18) provides self-serve predictive analytics for marketers. Thisis an excerpt from their Growth Playbook. Read the full playbook here.Melissa Tan is a Growth Advisor andformer Head of Business Growth at Dropbox. Abbie Kouzmanoff is a Growth Product Manager at Dropbox.

Apply to the Fall 2018 YC Growth Program

by Ali Rowghani7/31/2018

We are excited to invite interested founders to apply to the Fall 2018 batch ofthe YC Growth Program . Ifyou would like to be considered for admission, please complete this application. It should take about 20 minutes tocomplete. The purpose of the application is to learn about your company and toassess your fit for the program. The deadline to apply is August 20, 2018.

Open Application for YC Growth Program

by Ali Rowghani1/30/2018

We are delighted to invite interested founders to apply to the YC Growth Program. If you would like tobe considered for admission, please complete this application. It shouldtake about an hour to complete and all questions must be answered. The purposeis to get to know your company and to assess your fit for the Program. Thedeadline for application is February 23, 2018.

Announcing YC’s Growth Stage Program

by Ali Rowghani12/14/2017

We sent the message below to all our YC founders yesterday. Today, we areexcited to share the news of our Growth Program with our friends outside of YC.—We launched YC’s Continuity Fund two years ago because we felt that there wasmore that YC could do to help companies as they scaled, not just with capital,but also with advice and mentorship modeled on how YC has been helping startupsfor years.