The operating system for inbound B2B revenue

HockeyStack improves sales outcomes for B2B companies by helping them record and understand every interaction their customers have with their marketing, sales reps, CSMs, and products. We map every customer touchpoint from ad impression to closed won and to upsell using our own tracking script and native integrations to the B2B GTM tech stack. Building this source of truth allow us to give companies previously hidden insights that generate incremental revenue, such as: - Deploy marketing budget: "Launch this ad campaign to this audience to generate $XM in pipeline" - Target the right accounts with the right messaging: "These accounts have the highest likelihood to convert, put them on this email sequence" - Convert more of the pipeline: “Pied Piper hasn't visited the site for 8 days; give Jim a phone call”

Jobs at HockeyStack

San Francisco, CA, US
$160K - $200K
3+ years
Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Buğra Gündüz

Co-Founder & CEO @ HockeyStack. I started learning to code as a child, started selling digital products online in my freshman year of high school in Turkey, went to the US for college & dropped out during my first quarter to build HockeyStack.

Buğra Gündüz
Buğra Gündüz

Emir Atli

founder @hockeystack started hockeystack in high school, dropped out 2 months into college, and moved to SF

Emir Atli
Emir Atli

Arda Bulut

co-founder and cto

Arda Bulut
Arda Bulut

Company Launches


  1. Customers connect all data sources (CRM, ads, web, and product analytics…) to HockeyStack to create a source of truth for customer engagements. No engineering work required.
  2. HockeyStack shows which channels, campaigns, content, segments, etc. drive the most revenue and active customers.
  3. HockeyStack creates lists of high-intent accounts that customers can use to launch the most efficient sales & marketing campaigns.

We’re Arda, Buğra, and Emir. We came from Turkey & dropped out of our first semester of college in the US to build HockeyStack, because we realized that every single B2B enterprise has the same exact #1 problem.


Revenue-facing teams in B2B companies run all their operations on customer data, whether it is managing an advertising budget, launching integrated campaigns, closing deals, or retaining customers. But there is no central system of record for customer data that they can use to run their operations, so instead, they rely on tens of different data tools and spreadsheets.

The CRM was built for this purpose, but over 20 years it got outdated, and companies found themselves either having to find hacks to format their data to fit the CRM, or build a data warehouse from scratch.


HockeyStack collects all data about customer interactions through a web analytics script, a set of integrations to revenue-related business systems (CRM, ads, marketing automation, email, etc.), and data partners.

Any non-technical person in a B2B company can use HockeyStack’s reporting interface to answer complex questions like:

  • What marketing channel had the best unit economics this quarter?
  • Which segment of companies do we have the highest account penetration in?
  • What makes a customer buy our software faster?
  • Who are the highest intent companies who have not yet booked a demo with us?

They click into the numbers, and can see a list of accounts behind the report, all of which have their entire history of engagement with the company displayed alongside important firmographics.

This information can be used to create and export lists of high-intent accounts based on different segmentations out to various marketing and sales platforms to start or accelerate the sales conversation.

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We’d love to be introduced to marketing and sales leaders at B2B enterprises or scale-ups!

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We’d be happy to help any B2B founder with advice in generating inbound pipeline.

You can reach me at bugra@hockeystack.com or LinkedIn.