Tableau for data infrastructure.

Serra is Tableau for data infrastructure. Serra enables smaller, less-technical teams to build cloud data infrastructure—batch and real-time data pipelines, rapid SQL analytics, and scalable data science and ML—through a user-friendly dashboard.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Alan Wang

Co-founder/CEO @ Serra. Former Data Engineer at Disney+'s Subscriptions team where I learned to put out, and hate, data pipeline fires. Statistics & Data Science graduate from UCLA.

Alan Wang
Alan Wang

Albert Stanley

Prior to Serra, I was a CS graduate student at UCLA and worked on software products at Amazon Lab126. In the past, I've built and trained neural networks for the prediction of RNA-DNA hybrids in the genome.

Albert Stanley
Albert Stanley

Company Launches

tl;dr: never deal with unintuitive 1000+ line SQL scripts again. Serra simplifies SQL into modular PySpark objects that are much faster to run, reuse, and debug. Check out our repo here!

Hey everyone! We’re back again to announce the open-source launch of Serra—never deal with unintuitive 1000+ line SQL scripts again.

We’re also launching the beta of our translate feature with a free week trial! Get an easy starting point/suggestion for simplifying your SQL scripts into PySpark objects by running serra translate your_script.sql.

❌ Problem:

SQL scripts are huge, messy, and hard to debug. Declarative, monolithic SQL gets overwhelming quickly for data analysts, scientists, and engineers—leading to huge time sinks and data outages.

😌 How do we solve it?

We’re a low-code ETL framework that simplifies SQL into modular PySpark objects that are much faster to run, reuse, and debug. Think end-to-end dbt with the benefits of object-oriented Spark!

We wrap all of this into a command-line tool that allows you to create your own PySpark jobs, run them locally, and simplify your SQL scripts to PySpark.

👏 The Team

Alan and Albert are best friends from middle school Algebra. Alan is an ex-Data Engineer at Disney+ and a Statistics & Data Science alum from UCLA. Albert is an ex-Software Engineer at Amazon Alexa and a UCLA Master’s graduate in Computer Science.


  • Check out (and star 🤩) the repo: https://github.com/Serra-Technologies/serra
  • Intros to any companies struggling with their SQL/data workflow—we’ll help retool their data workflow! Email us at founders@serra.io.
  • Try it out yourself by doing a pip install of serra! For setup help feel free to reach out—make sure you have python >= 3.10 installed!).

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