Biotech Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in Boston 2024

May 2024

Browse 11 of the top Biotech startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in Boston, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Nephrogen
    Nephrogen (s2020)Active • 1 employees • New York, NY, USA
    We're building curative gene therapies for kidney diseases. Our initial focus is on polycystic kidney disease (PKD), which affects 600,000 Americans and has no effective treatment or cure.
  • Kernal Biologics
    Kernal Biologics (s2020)Active • 20 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Kernal Bio creates mRNA 2.0 therapies that instruct specific cells on how to make their own medicine. Kernal Bio encrypts mRNA’s “message” in a language that only cancer cells understand. These tumor-specific mRNA therapeutics allow precise targeting of cancer cells, without harming normal cells or tissues. They have recently been validated in preclinical tumor models, showing high efficacy and safety as well as durable adaptive immunity. With roots at MIT, Harvard and Biopharma, Kernal’s management team has deep expertise in mRNA therapeutics space. CEO Yusuf Erkul, M.D., M.B.A. is a successful drug hunter whose research at Merck enabled an FDA-approved drug for ovarian cancer. President, Burak Yilmaz, M.S., previously founded Sentegen, a thriving synthetic biology company which commercializes synthetic DNA, RNA, and diagnostic kits for genetic and infectious diseases. VP of BD, Matt Strout, M.D. Ph.D., M.B.A, is a business development executive who led more than $4.5B worth of BD deals at Alexion and AstraZeneca. VP of R&D Manfred is a leader in immuno-oncology, who was most recently Scientific Senior Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).
  • Helix Nanotechnologies
    Helix Nanotechnologies (w2017)Active • 16 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Technology finds information and delivers physical products to us almost instantly. mRNA does the same for biology. At HelixNano, we see a world where treatments are cheap, progress is decentralized, and you can modify biology at the push of a button. By focusing on mRNA improvements from first principles, we’re getting there faster than we thought. Experiments that used to take months or years can be done in weeks and cost thousands instead of millions. The rate limiting step for our progress is now scientific curiosity. Rigid hierarchies and top-down decisions will miss the magic. Some of our most powerful technologies started out as side projects of junior team members. At HelixNano, every individual scientist can have a massive impact on the company's direction. And the more diverse our team, the faster we’ll find the really cool ideas. We've started rolling out some of our new tech — moving a COVID-19 vaccine candidate for the immunocompromised towards the clinic, and testing an intervention with massive environmental impact. But we’re scientists at heart, and team focus is solidly on the horizon.
  • Reverie Labs
    Reverie Labs (w2018)Active • 29 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Reverie Labs is engineering next-generation, brain-penetrant cancer therapies.
  • Kiwi Biosciences
    Kiwi Biosciences (s2021)Active • 8 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Kiwi Biosciences can help 18M Americans suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) enjoy a normal meal without running to the bathroom two hours later. We develop novel, patent-pending enzymes that break down common digestive triggers in food.
  • Medium Biosciences
    Medium Biosciences (s2021)Active • 6 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We build AI models to create novel, high performing biomolecules faster. Our AI models simulate the biophysical properties of biomolecules and identify the most promising ones to be tested in the lab.
  • Brown Foods
    Brown Foods (w2022)Active • 4 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Brown Foods is a Stanford, Rice University and IIT Delhi alumni venture building the next-generation of food products. They are creating UnReal Milk- lab based, clean milk - extremely sustainable 'real milk' but made without any cows. Unlike any other option in the USD 22 billion dairy alternatives market today, it will be exactly similar to cow’s milk in terms of nutritional profile, taste, texture and could also be processed into butter, cheese and ice creams. They envision to disrupt the USD 700 billion conventional dairy market by giving the world its 1st 'cow free' real milk option, reducing the carbon footprint of milk by over 90% while being completely cruelty-free.
  • Torpedo Therapeutics
    Torpedo Therapeutics (w2022)Active • 5 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    We are building high-precision implantable neuromodulation devices that can sense and stimulate neural activity in the brain with the goal of transforming the efficacy and adoption of deep brain stimulation (DBS), an existing FDA-approved therapy used to treat Parkinson’s, essential tremor and epilepsy.
  • Fortuna Genomics
    Fortuna Genomics (w2022)Active • 1 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Fortuna Genomics employs methods from revolutionary genomics studies to non-invasively assess embryo traits, enabling parents to optimize their children's innate qualities without the need for gene editing. Through comprehensive genetic screening and forecasting, it empowers families to make informed decisions, optimizing their child’s well-being and capabilities from conception. With the convergence of advancements in genomic technologies, association studies, and sequencing efficiency, we are at a unique inflection point where such services can become widely accessible and impactful. Accurately predicting complex traits from genetic markers involves sophisticated models that must account for the interplay between countless biological and statistical factors. Our team is well-equipped to tackle this problem and make every parent's dream a reality by allowing them to give their children the best possible start in life.
  • Guardian Bio
    Guardian Bio (s2022)Active • 2 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Your immune system is your body’s best weapon and defense against cancer. It is only when it is overcome that cancer develops into full blown disease. Dendritic cells sit at the helm of the immune system, directing and dictating immune responses. Data has shown dendritic cells are often dysfunctional in cancer patients, and that this dysfunction is a bottleneck for other therapies. Guardian Bio’s approach is focused on creating a dendritic cell-based product which drives anti-tumor activity through activating the killers of the immune system AND training them against multiple cancer targets. We take stem cells from cancer patients, turn them into specific therapeutic dendritic cells specially trained against that patient’s tumor, and re-introduce them back into the body. Our therapeutic dendritic cells revitalize the killers of the immune system and give them the kickstart they need to fight - and win - against cancer.