B2B Software and Services Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in Boston 2024

May 2024

Browse 23 of the top B2B Software and Services startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in Boston, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • NuMind
    NuMind (s2022)Active • 6 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    NuMind is a tool for data scientists, data analysts, but also software engineers to create custom NLP models. For example, a recruiting company uses NuMind to find which job offers best match a given resume. Etienne (CEO) was head of Machine Learning at Wolfram Research, and Samuel (CTO) co-founded Make.org (8M users). NuMind originated from our own frustration when developing NLP models. Leveraging large language models similar to GPT-3, NuMind allows to complete NLP projects at least 10x faster than before. We launched a private beta August 2 and had 9 paying customers one month later.
  • Kodex
    Kodex (s2021)Active • 3 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Kodex makes it easy for companies to process, and respond to, subpoenas from governments around the world. Agencies, like the FBI, subpoena user data from customers like Coinbase, and thousands of other companies - without Kodex, companies largely rely on email, fax, and spreadsheets to manage them. Kodex is a SaaS tool that helps private sector companies manage relationships, workflows, and secure file transfer with government agencies who are seeking confidential information on a company's users. We streamline compliance operations, protect the privacy of their users, reduce error, and validate the legitimacy of government agents who are requesting information. To date, we have launched with Coinbase, Kik Messenger, Whisper App, & Amino Apps. These companies alone receive over 20,000 data requests per year.
  • Pyxai
    Pyxai (w2019)Active • 5 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Pyxai helps organizations evaluate, identify and source top talent by focusing on the best indicators of long-term job success, soft skills. Our proprietary, AI driven assessment tool helps organizations increase retention by at least 30% all while reducing the time to hire by more than 50%.
  • Aptible
    Aptible (s2014)Active • 25 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    At Aptible, we envision a world where developers achieve more with less infrastructure. We’re building the platform that empowers developers at companies of all stages of development to move beyond the traditional method of managing infrastructure—DIY with expert infrastructure and platform engineers on AWS, GCP, or Azure. We’ve done this through our secure, compliant, reliable, and scalable Platform as a Service that’s been used by thousand of developers, hundreds of companies, and dozens of publicly traded and unicorn companies since 2013.
  • Metaplane
    Metaplane (w2020)Active • 12 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Metaplane ensures everyone trusts the data that powers your business. Data teams at Bose, Ramp, and Klaviyo use our data observability platform to prevent and detect data issues — before the CEO pings them about weird revenue numbers. We do this with ML-based anomaly detection, end-to-end column-level lineage, and tools to help prevent incidents before they occur. You can monitor your entire data stack within 30 minutes. The company is backed by Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, and the founders of Okta, HubSpot, and Vercel.
  • Mendable
    Mendable (s2022)Active • 5 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Our customers include MongoDB, Doordash, Snapchat, and Coinbase - where we're helping teams with an LLM assistant that answers questions and automates tasks. This assistant can access a continuously improving knowledge base aggregated from the entirety of the sales stack.
  • Beam
    Beam (w2022)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Instantly run code on GPUs, deploy scalable web APIs, mount storage volumes, and schedule cron jobs. Beam is your swiss army knife for running code on the cloud.
  • Vendr.com
    Vendr.com (s2019)Active • 338 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Vendr helps software buyers pay less for software and helps software sellers acquire customers at a lower CAC -- a no brainer for both buyers and sellers. $4 billion+ of software transacted on Vendr, across 2,500+ software sellers.
  • Gaiascope
    Gaiascope (s2019)Active • 9 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Software that simplifies electric grid forecasting and operations. Clients--hard assets like wind, solar and energy storage--get timely, unbiased information to improve revenues, reduce risk, and maximize the profitability of every megawatt. Gaiascope also manages a quant fund trading electricity; with this fund, the company builds additional credibility with clients and accelerates the continuous improvement of its software.
  • Mindmesh
    Mindmesh (s2021)Active • 7 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Mindmesh is the virtual desk that puts you in control. Centralize work, notes, todos, and meetings. Jump back in an instant. Focus on what you should be doing, right now.
  • Arist
    Arist (s2020)Active • 23 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Arist is the text message learning platform. We help Fortune 500 companies and governments rapidly teach and train employees, entirely via text message.
  • Ascen
    Ascen (w2019)Active • 17 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Ascen is a back office platform and employer of record for staffing firms.
  • Hatch
    Hatch (w2019)Active • 73 employees • Richmond, VA, USA
    We are building a SMS business messaging platform for Contact Centers and their teams
  • Pangea.app
    Pangea.app (w2021)Active • 3 employees • New York, NY, USA
    The best way to know if someone is a good fit is to work with them on a project before you hire them full-time. At Pangea, we make contract-to-hire easy and painless. We'll work with you to provide a shortlist of top, interested candidates. Our talent have an average of 5-7+ years of experience in design, growth, ops, product, and engineering, and are primarily based in the USA (but also extend to 155 countries)
  • Topline Pro
    Topline Pro (w2021)Active • 28 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Topline Pro (formerly ProPhone) is a Generative AI platform enabling home service businesses to be easily discovered, trusted and booked, directly. The AI-driven interface rapidly and affordably creates a custom, SEO-optimized website along with a application to help sync content to and from local listings, put social media communications on autopilot and enable the business owner to easily get paid online.
  • Acho
    Acho (w2020)Active • 15 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Acho is a modern ERP platform for operations leaders to unify business systems, streamline processes, and manage business objectives. Uncompromising customized and rapidly fast, Acho grows KPI with dedicated solution resources and predictable ROI. Today, Acho plays a pivotal role in elevating operational efficiency, automating workflows, and turning data into products for over 100 businesses. Among our valued customers are supply chain divisions of major global corporations, IT departments of Online Travel Agencies, Finance & Accounting units of prestigious banking institutions, and other organizations that play a key role in our daily life.
  • Embedly (w2010)Acquired • 2 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Embedly provides a platform and suite of tools to make embedding and previewing links simple. Embedly helps publishers and consumers manage embed codes from more than 100 Websites and APIs, including YouTube, Flickr, Ustream, Picassa, Hulu, Twitpic, Quantcast, and CrunchBase. It automatically convert links from these sources into embedded media on the fly.
  • Hunter2 (w2018)Acquired0 • Boston, MA, USA
    Hunter2 teaches modern appsec to engineering teams through interactive labs. Developers get hands-on practice exploiting and patching real web apps written in their tech stack.
  • Moltin (w2015)Acquired • 32 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    At Moltin, we believe that brand experiences should never be obscured by technology and that commerce development should be simple, lightweight and fun. Moltin is an API-first digital commerce solution that enables retailers to build distinctive shopping experiences and embed them into any consumer touchpoint. It combines an extremely flexible set of APIs, developer toolkits, pre-built applications and cloud infrastructure to make commerce development simple, lightweight and fast. Moltin APIs are the simplest, most powerful in the industry. Retailers can test new channels quickly, scale into new markets, and keep pace with ever-evolving consumer trends. With Moltin, commerce flows seamlessly across any channel, device and experience. Moltin has a rapidly growing community of more than 17,000 developers around the world, pushing the boundaries of traditional commerce.
  • Kiko
    Kiko (s2005)Acquired0 • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Kiko is a web calendar for anyone who wants to keep and share a calendar online. Kiko excels at three main things: * Universal access: Kiko integrates with your mobile phone and AIM and lets you access your calendar from any computer. * Share your calendar: Invite anyone to events (not just other Kiko users!) Let others view your calendar with just a click. * As easy as paper - or maybe easier: Write "Pay gas bill every month" onto your calendar and watch Kiko do the Right Thing!
  • Cloudant (s2008)Acquired • 51 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Cloudant's distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) allows developers of fast-growing web and mobile apps to focus on building and improving their products, instead of worrying about scaling and managing their databases on their own. We manage and distribute your data globally so you can grow more users, build more app features, and sleep more knowing we're keeping the servers up and humming. Cloudant was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 by three MIT physicists who at the time were moving multi-petabyte data sets around from the Large Hadron Collider. Frustrated by the available tools for managing and analyzing Big Data in their research, the founders built a distributed, fault-tolerant, globally scalable data layer on top of Apache CouchDB. The service has grown since then. The team now manages and serves mobile and web app data on behalf of thousands of developers and hundreds of customers to their users around the world. In 2014, the company was acquired by a global enterprise software & hardware vendor.
  • Stackshine
    Stackshine (w2022)Acquired • 7 employees • Portland, OR, USA
    Stackshine is creating mission control for enterprise IT teams. We discover all the software being used across their organization and then automate workflows related to onboarding/offboarding, cost savings, and security.