SaaS Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in Austin 2024

April 2024

Browse 11 of the top SaaS startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in Austin, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Joy
    Joy (s2016)Active • 60 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Joy is a software platform with a mission to help the world celebrate better together. Our software helps everyone plan and remember all of life's events. Big or small, Joy is there every step of the way.
  • Keeper
    Keeper (s2021)Active • 35 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Keeper makes software to help bookkeepers manage their clients' back-office. We write the same kind of software that venture-backed bookkeepers like Pilot write internally, but instead of doing bookkeeping, we sell that software to the 1.5M bookkeepers across the US.
  • Method Financial
    Method Financial (s2019)Active • 24 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Founded in 2021, Method enables real-time access to user financial data and enables seamless liability repayment. Method’s mission is to make personal finance more autonomous. With Method’s APIs, financial institutions, credit unions, banks, and financial management apps can embed loan repayment, data, balance transfers, and bill pay automation into their user journey. As a result, Method is improving accessibility and control over financial information via open finance. We’re a Series A start-up and are backed by our partners, advisors, and investors from Andreessen Horowitz, Truist Ventures, Y Combinator, Ardent Ventures, Abstract Ventures, SV Angel, Truebill, Upstart, and more.
  • Mio
    Mio (w2016)Active • 12 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Mio powers seamless communication between Slack, Microsoft Teams & Webex Teams. The Austin, Texas-based company was founded by Tom Hadfield and James Cundle in November 2015. has raised $12m from investors including Goldcrest Capital, Eniac Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator and Capital Factory. Ready to sync your teams? Learn more and get started at
  • Novel
    Novel (s2020)Active • 15 employees • Minneapolis, MN, USA
    With Novel, international founders can get a U.S. business bank account, multi-currency wallets, global transfers in 140+ currencies, and more all in a single place.
  • Onebrief
    Onebrief (s2021)Active • 11 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Virtually everything in the military requires a plan—from everyday operations to war-time missions. With a rigorous process, many stakeholders, and rudimentary software (PowerPoint!!), planning is very slow. Onebrief is a collaborative software designed to make military planning fast. It turns every input into reusable building blocks and automatically keeps all planning artifacts in sync.
  • Biodock
    Biodock (w2021)Active • 8 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Biodock's cloud platform accelerates microscopy analysis, automating months of microscopy analysis and infrastructure to minutes with our end-to-end AI architecture. Scientists enjoy auto-scaling storage, GPU compute, and 30-50% more accurate analysis. We're building an amazing experience to translate microscopy images to therapeutic insights for academic and enterprise scientists.
  • HyperTrader
    HyperTrader (s2021)Active • 10 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Unlock your trading superpowers wtih HyperTrader. As traders, we reimagined the ultimate trading experience for you. HyperTrader is fast, efficient, accurate, and secure. ✔️ Streamline your workflow with fewer clicks. ✔️ Speed up your trading with fast execution. ✔️ Stay informed with real-time position updates. ✔️ Trade safe with secure encryption.
  • Akute Health
    Akute Health (s2021)Active • 4 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Akute Health makes an electronic medical record (EMR) system & digital infrastructure tools used by digital health companies to track patients. Our EMR is a web app used daily by clinical teams at digital health companies similar to Ro, Hims, and One Medical. In 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer and spent 9 months in the hospital. While in the hospital, I built an app to track my own records. I needed something that was simple to use and allowed me to easily track & trend different types of data. I later turned that app into a full medical record system. We now have hundreds of customers and over 50k active patient records. We are building the de facto EMR for digital health companies.
  • Arintra
    Arintra (w2022)Active • 20 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    US hospitals and clinics are losing $125B every year due to delayed and inaccurate medical coding. Arintra is solving this problem by automating medical coding using AI and clinical NLP. Arintra converts a patient chart instantly into insurance claims with 96% accurate medical codes and zero human intervention. Arintra has processed more than 1.63 million claims this year across its 20+ provider clients that includes health systems and large physician groups. Through automation of these charts, Arintra has reduced undercoding by 11% and coding-related claim denials by 43%. Arintra is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Arintra is bi-directionally integrated with leading EHRs including Epic, Cerner, etc. to process patient charts directly from the EHR to create a direct-to-billing claim. This direct-to-billing claim includes precise E/M levels, CPT, ICD-10, HCC, HCPCS codes with appropriate modifiers and units. Both founders have PhDs in AI, significant ML and NLP experience, 60+ patents and publications, and a combined 20+ years of experience working at B2B companies and startups in Silicon Valley.
  • Hoss
    Hoss (w2020)Acquired • 3 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    Hoss is a developer experience platform that gives teams the essential tools they need to deliver a world-class customer experience. API-driven companies like Xendit, AssemblyAI, and Zentail trust Hoss to help them better acquire, understand, and support their customers. With Hoss, teams can offer superior documentation and developer content, gain deep visibility into how customers are using their API, monitoring third-party APIs, and provide robust and customizable developer dashboards. Hoss is backed by top investors like Y Combinator, Liquid2, FundersClub, and Soma Capital.