Productivity Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in New York 2024

April 2024

Browse 10 of the top Productivity startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in New York, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Unthread
    Unthread (s2022)Active • 2 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Unthread is a Slack-native customer support platform. We help companies to scale up their B2B support inside of Slack across shared channels, email, in-app chat and more without ever leaving Slack. As companies move from email to Slack for support, messages often slip through the cracks. Unthread lets you set responders, expected response time, and escalation policies per customer to be sure the right people are notified and issues are always resolved quickly.
  • LinkGrep
    LinkGrep (w2023)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Modern teams work in the browser. But browsers weren't built for teams 😔. This leads to a bunch of problems like: - Knowledge/info that is hard to find (links that get lost, documentation that gets, buried, silos, etc) - Poor collaboration - Inefficient workflows LinkGrep is an AI browser copilot that solves those problems by making your browser team friendly. Specifically we help teams: 1. 🔗 Keep track of links, documents, and more automatically. With LinkGrep you'll never have to manually add or save a link. 2. 🔍 Find information that matters. LinkGrep connects with your existing tools like Notion and Slack and will automatically suggest relevant information to you as your browse (we have semantic search that you can fallback on). Demo: 3. 👥 Collaborate better. LinkGrep lets you leave notes and comments directly on web pages — you won't ever have to copy paste a link into Slack ever again. 4. 🤖 Automate team actions like opening up the right links before a meeting. Never disrupt a meeting to send a link again. Demo:
  • Capture
    Capture (w2019)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Capture is your operating system for life – a place to keep track of what matters, think through difficult concepts, and plan around important goals. We're building a better way to tame the sheer volume of information and ideas we all come across throughout the day.
  • Smartcuts
    Smartcuts (w2021)Active • 3 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Smartcuts is a Chrome extension that lets you automate anything in your browser, without code. Record your clicks and keystrokes, and replay them later on similar web pages to automate repetitive work. It's like Excel macros for any website.
  • Forage
    Forage (s2021)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    On Forage, community curators, called "foragers", create launch pages for projects they want to highlight. Launch pages combine a press release and commemorative mint into a sleek single page designed to spread like wildfire. These launches are curated on the homepage, where they garner support in the form of mints. When builders create a launch page on Forage, we use the latest innovations in onchain distribution to recommend their launch to more people who will be aligned with their work.
  • Axis
    Axis (w2022)Active • 15 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Axis is a knowledge base of government regulations and officials that helps large companies do business in foreign markets. For example, if you want to operate in Saudi Arabia - our software tells you which laws you need to comply with and which officials you need approvals from. We currently cover major markets in Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • doola
    doola (s2020)Active • 43 employees • New York, NY, USA
    doola is a “Business-in-a-Box” for creators. We take care of everything creators need to form an LLC, set up their bank account, accept payments, and manage ongoing compliance and tax filings. We realized how difficult it was to set up the full stack of software and accounts you need to get a business off the ground. This is the same problem faced by online businesses, who begin their business as a side hustle, and just want to focus on growing their business, not annoying administrative work. That’s why we built doola: to take care of it all. Today, people on every continent have launched companies with doola. (HQ: New York)
  • OnScale
    OnScale (w2022)Active • 3 employees • New York, NY, USA
    The premier technology solution for influencer & athlete talent management agencies partnering with global brands
  • Taskade
    Taskade (s2019)Active • 14 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Experience the future of team collaboration with Taskade, the next-generation AI-powered productivity tool for teams. Seamlessly share tasks, projects, and notes, and engage in real-time organization with structured note-taking and mind mapping. Our in-app AI chat assistant and video chat enable you to work together like never before, no matter where you are. Generate tasks, mind maps, and more available on any device. Get work done faster and smarter with Taskade - experience the future of team productivity. 🐑 🌐